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4th November 2012, 21:29
Here, I start this topic because we seem to cruise along its lower waves but lets hop in the main and the big one;the nature of life and its levels.

Pie`n`eal has along with many stated many times the ultimate truth- we are all one.

So from the highest or the ultimate reality there is only God which is all there is.
Omni-(add everything here).
Looking from God`s angle all is well. Love is all there is. There is no evil and it cannot be.
Fear doesn`t exist because there is only Love with a big L.

But since God decided ,who knows when, to experience all that it knows theoretically- we were born. Godsparks- souls gods itself and future God.
As Gripreaper mentioned in one comment that as soon as a soul steps out from the God automatically experience other realities than Love only.

In Love all is there, out of Love you miss certain things and more you go out or further- you seem to miss more (remembrance,protection,light...).
We as personified souls, parts of God -all are having distinctive experiences from good to bad (presence or absence of-God) and we REALLY experience all despite be that illusion or hologram or whatever.

In God`s house all is well and we will and are going to be OK. But experiences are there.
Fully touchable, smellable, vision-able, experience-able.

Even if you put on Virtual Reality glasses and you know it`s not real , you experience this nevertheless -in those few minutes.

So we have this dichotomy that everything is an illusion and everything is real.

It is confusing at times. Or most of the times. That`s why God sends us keys, reminders, guides and else to reminds us of the nature of life.
Otherwise we would be lost.

Some others (souls out of unity with God ) are playing the power games in universe and keep confusing us still and ever more in hope that their game will last and we will never find who we are and where is our unique key or guide.

So all is well. God is Love and we are one.
Now realizing this go back to your own life and daily chores and be practical about it.
For if God is all and one , so even practical deeds aswell as teachings are 100% valid in our understanding and direct experience by application.

I send good will and blessing, enough for today.


4th November 2012, 22:28
Today, where I live, God simultaneously was outside raking leaves, inside mopping the kitchen floor, and outside jumping in the piles of leaves. Such is the understanding we owe to our daily lives. It's all we are, and all we ever meet.

5th November 2012, 14:58
Sorry, this is a blatant repost... but it blends in my opinion... it is from the "Do you believe in Angels" thread. Sorry again to those of you who already saw it...
It is a cliche.. a BIG ONE NOW... but, there truly "IS" "more in Heaven and Hell than contained in YOUR philosophies"! There has to be so many layers of intelligent beings in various physical and non physical states far above our own as there are far below our own than we could ever sit down and write a Sci Fi series about.

Some think they know it all and I see their "Grapes Pulsing" as they over clock their CPU's to rationalize and fit all of the unknowns to fit into their tiny containers of understanding and truth... which seem huge to our small minds but are actually Mason Jars compared to the full and true consciousness of the Great, Wondrous, and Un-measurable "IS".

But alas we try and we try... and we argue convinced of our own superior importance in the great "IS" of things while we are just a small flicker of through and consciousness that blinks in and out in the full scheme of things as we do not even realize that Time is an illusion and possibly so are we.

Some say we might just be in a computer simulation, some say we are just a momentary day dream of the great "IS"... Some say this is all a way of the "IS" to break its self up into trillions upon trillions of individual units to live, love, feel pain and joy and other ranges of emotions we are not capable of to either beat boredom or to understand what "IS" is... If...IF that was true then we are all ONE, you were/are I, I was/am you... through out oceans of time we would all have just been pieces of the "IS". Yet we treat each other terribly and victimize each other and can only day dream and imagine what "IS" going on in the vastness of what we know of as the universe with beings on other planets staring at the back of the stars we look at at night. They dream too about what "IS", "I" would imagine... and dream.

So, row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. You know the rest of that old nursery rime ditty. We can KNOW NOTHING for sure, we can only have faith. Your faith may be Science (Which IS a religion)... THERE ARE MANY Religions, some lost to history.

SO back finally to the topic of the questions to this forum thread... DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS? The key work is Believe/Faith. I for one do believe in emissaries of divine light (The Great "IS" or "I AM").

So, I only addressed the Positive Polarity of Angels... I am leaving the Negative Polarity to others to discuss... I have seen that influence in my life enough to know its real but do not want to give it any more press than it already gets... as it too is present in many forms both physical and nonphysical.

Now I go back to rowing my boat now and try to find a gentle stream.

5th November 2012, 16:13
Great and gentle stream but a fragment am i..?


thats a ripple through the system , for sure

5th November 2012, 22:37
Today, where I live, God simultaneously was outside raking leaves, inside mopping the kitchen floor, and outside jumping in the piles of leaves. Such is the understanding we owe to our daily lives. It's all we are, and all we ever meet.

Exactly. Though it gets complicated as our brains tries to wrap its portrayal around what is going on.
Especially when across the street is another God's soul whom in its ignorance is trying to kill your body.

It is a rollercoaster since despite whole deal with darkness and rest , remembrance of who we and others are is somewhat a burden.