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The Truth Is In There
8th November 2012, 10:57
the following interpretations are based on "daniel's" documents:


first posted by mozart in another thread:


these are two of the most fascinating and enlightening documents i have ever read. the explanation of the time/space and space/time concept is simple and yet profound. suddenly a lot of puzzle pieces fall into place.

if i understand it correctly, the end of 2012 is a decision point for all of us. all timelines meet in one point and then move outward again. we all consist of two halves that are pretty much unaware of each other in most people - one in (3d)space/(1d)time (the one we're conscious of) and one in (3d)time/(1d)space (which we're currently not conscious of).

now, the opposite half of our being, the part that resides in time/space will decide which path (timeline) to take, much like we here can decide which road we take and which destination we want to reach. presumably, this will be a conscious decision for our part in time/space but an unconscious decision for our "here-part", the one in space/time. this decision by our time/space counterpart will influence in which timeline we end up in the "here" and what we're going to experience in the future - time influences space.

by the same token, where we move here on earth will influence what we're going to experience in the future in terms of events in time (such as catastrophes for instance) - space influences time. each of our time/space and space/time halves may be unaware of the other but they work in concert and through their decisions create our future experiences. in all this we're somewhat limited, though, because we can't easily move away from earth to avoid certain events that may take place here. the same will probably be true with regard to our time/space counterparts.

what's also beginning to make sense now is how people can move into different timelines and yet don't just disappear or something. as they move away from each other in time/space, here in space/time things take place which change these person's environment little by little the further away they move from each other in time/space. this way, some will almost unnoticably end up in a "positive" timeline, one in which certain events take place and things are getting better and better, while others may end up in a "negative" timeline where certain other events take place and things are getting worse and worse. anything inbetween would be possible, too, and in these timelines the events of the more "positive" or more "negative" timelines will be experienced to a lesser degree. those people who are "incompatible" with certain timelines may "disappear" in these very timelines through perfectly natural means - death - while they continue living in the timeline they're compatible with and similarly lose sight of the people in the other timelines who'd die in this one.

this explains how multiple universes (timelines) can exist and yet not exist. a given universe/timeline exists for those people who experience it but not for those who experience a different universe/timeline. "universe" in that case would be the space/time part and "timeline" would be the time/space counterpart.

any comments on this?

Joe Akulis
8th November 2012, 20:11
I've been flipping through it too. It's gotten me thinking about something I remember from about ten years back, when I used to be pretty fascinated with the subject of Marian apparitions. e.g. Medjugorje(sp?) and Fatima and stuff. Anyway, I remember reading something about a prophecy about the "three days of darkness" where supposedly the sun would go dark, and during the three days, people would be huddled in their houses with the windows and doors locked, and in fear, and demons would be roaming the landscape.

I wasn't sure how much stock I wanted to place in it back then, but now it's sounding like that myth might be "plausible." (Sorry, my kids love Mythbusters.)

If it happened, and you're sitting there wondering who turned off the lights, this document does an awesome job of explaining the reason why. And thanks to the rest of the folks at Avalon and all the other great sources of info out there, including these docs you posted, my guess is those "demons" roaming the landscape might end up being those beings/thoughtforms/archons/whatever you want to call 'ems that feed on the energy of human emotion and have a distinct preference for the taste of fear. Just like Daniel says in his doc, there was plenty of that to go around at Montauk, so these things also tended to hang around enjoying the entrees.

Understanding it does a whole lot toward making it less fearful. Actually more like a thing of wonder, once again, for me. Unless they all get free rein here in our physical world instead of being restricted to the etheric plane. Sounds like just one of 'em was enough to trash the Montauk shop... Okay, so that probably wouldn't be a thing of amazing wonderment to me, no. :-)

Joe Akulis
8th November 2012, 20:24
Uh oh, here's another one:

"There is also a high degree of probability that the even will trigger a “core flare”, and expansion event of FTL matter in the core dropping to sub-light speeds and causing the crust of the Earth to expand and open at tectonic boundaries, eventuating in more surface area and a drop in ocean levels as compensation."

Reminds me of Cayce saying Atlantis was going to rise. Uhh, that was Cayce who said that wasn't it?

Joe Akulis
8th November 2012, 20:42
On the chemtrail topic:
I used to be hung up on that one too. I remember reading an article once about how there were no chemtrails over ... Austria maybe? Pretty sure it was an eastern European country. Then one day George W. Bush, when he was president, went over on a visit, and a couple weeks later, boom! That country had chemtrails in the sky from then on. At the time I was figuring Bush had convinced someone to join his club, but I still didn't have much of a clue as to what the chemtrailing was for. Guess we do now. :-)

8th November 2012, 22:47
Wow, nothing quite like having your mind penetrated by a knowledge penis. :bump:

Great info!

Very much hope there is more to come.

9th November 2012, 03:53
I can't read them -- my #!%*@ laptop refuses to do pdfs on websites. :-(

The Truth Is In There
9th November 2012, 09:37
in one of the documents "daniel" says that the sun is going to expand and push the planets further away to compensate for the increased energy output. it's not surprising that earth would expand as well, since she receives more energy from the sun. something has to happen to that energy and we know, or at least suspect, that it's used to create new matter in earth's core.

apart from that, we know the same has happened periodically in the past (expanding earth "theory") and from the recent uptick in earthquake and volcanic activity we can deduce that we're approaching another of these "expanding events". afterwards, this will not just have changed the length of our year but probably also lengthened our days.

i remember one crop circle which shows the solar system on (i believe) dec 22nd, 2012 with an expanded sun.

needless to add that this sudden event will cause a tremendous shaking, sloshing and whatnot (preceeded by the "three days of darkness"...or however long it's really going to take, when the sun turns into one gigantic sunspot), and a lot of people will probably leave the planet and their bio-shells at that point. this will not only change their space/time environment, as death usually does, but also the time/space landscape. that may be the reason why this is a nexus point where all these timelines meet.

however, i'm guessing that this 2012 nexus is not experienced by us as a single moment but rather a period of time, perhaps spanning several months or even years (like the crossing of a crossroads in the time/space landscape) during which these aforementioned changes happen. afterwards we pick up our individual timelines which correlate to individual places in space/time, not just here on earth but elsewhere as well (meaning incarnations in other environments if these are more suitable for us at that point). this would explain why all people who have seen glimpses of the future, through whatever means, agree that earth in 50 or 100 years has a much decreased population.

what's curious is that through technological means, such as project looking glass, they were unable to see past the 2012 barrier, while no such problem exists if no technology is used, like with remote viewing, visions or hypnotic progression. this suggests that consciousness is needed to make a decision as to which path in the time/space landscape to follow. it's not possible through technology alone.

also, people moving forward in time via remote viewing or hypnotic progression or visions at different times in their life, as well as in different places, often view different futures. this indicates that not just space but also our vibratory rate influences our time/space counterparts. higher vibration opens up a different route, a more "positive" timeline, while a lower vibratory rate only allows for a more "negative" timeline.

of course i could be completely wrong but it's fascinating to consider the possibilities.

David Trd1
9th November 2012, 10:14
I have just downloaded the documents and relish the opportunity to mull over them.

Just re whats in the first post on this thread about our relationship to timelines and how we fall away from different situations,people as a natural consequence our overall state of being.This is something i have been feeling and computing as a truth on in general for the last year or so.I think about timelines quite a lot actually as im sure many here do also.

Its seems to me its a truth.

Peace and ACTION.


9th November 2012, 14:03
I truly like those Daniel's texts. From very complex items, he makes them understandable.

9th November 2012, 20:11
im looking forward to reading these later this weekend, and getting a better grasp on the space/time time/space part. thanks for posting!

9th November 2012, 20:24
I have to say or rather quote "Always in motion is the future." -Yoda. When dealing with proverbial timelines this is a just and factual statement. It changes, always. The difficulty here is that we would like to work in tangibles, as we are used to. Hard rocks, earth, etc. But time is not that, and in fact is simply NOT. The future exists always in possibilities. Herein I find a lot of faith, for it is not written, it is an on going process that this adjacent to our own. To change a timeline we must effectually change ourselves. We must work ACTIVELY in junction to a future that we would like to see, or "manifest" as some may say. But manifestation is realization with action, one without the other is mute. You can think, but thinking is only a part. You may act without thinking, and that is only a part. BOTH are needed to create.

My two cents.

From the Heart,

The Truth Is In There
10th November 2012, 11:51
kristin, you're right about that, but if you see time/space as the opposite of space/time, where time is 3-dimensional, it allows for these very changes you describe. just like we here move around in space, our counterparts continuously move around in time. we usually always face/move in a forward direction, but when we drift in one direction or the other in the time/space landscape we also change certain aspects of our reality here in space/time. everything is interconnected even though we're unaware of it, and limited in our possibilities. changes there manifest here and vice versa, and the direction we face at any point in time/space is the basis for our most relative future here in space/time.

both space/time and time/space are changeable but we as humans are limited because we can only make conscious changes in space/time, not time/space. we can change where we go in space but we can't move into the past or future. on the other hand, if we moved faster than light we could make changes only in time but not in space. if we wanted to reach a given destination in space in a certain year we'd have to fix starting point and end point in space before going faster than light because then we'd no longer be able to make changes in space, only in time.

if seen this way everything begins to fall into place, how time travel is possible and how different timelines can be entered. all that's necessary is the means for FTL travel.

13th November 2012, 10:54
Drunvalo Melchisidek also talks about the 3 days of darkness, something that I could never quite understand. Daniel's articles provides an excellent explanation

Prodigal Son
13th November 2012, 15:53
Uh oh, here's another one:

"There is also a high degree of probability that the even will trigger a “core flare”, and expansion event of FTL matter in the core dropping to sub-light speeds and causing the crust of the Earth to expand and open at tectonic boundaries, eventuating in more surface area and a drop in ocean levels as compensation."

Reminds me of Cayce saying Atlantis was going to rise. Uhh, that was Cayce who said that wasn't it?

Yes it was Cayce. I think we have pretty solid evidence that this has been happening throughout the earth's history... in addition to other planets and moons. It is an undeniable fact that the earth's continents and other landmasses fit together perfectly on a smaller earth....