View Full Version : Bill and Kerry's Mars Expose on TRU TV

Lefty Dave
8th November 2012, 14:37
Wanted to congratulate you all on a fine piece of production...it made my heart glad that you were recognized for the hard work you have done for all these years.

Way to go !!!!


9th November 2012, 05:10
this work gets the real deal out to the general public that has no idea what we all have been tracking on for years now. I loved to see Bob Dean in the show, folks you are looking at real disclosure happening now, the piece they have done will open the door to the masses for many questions to be asked and answered....leading the sleepers down the rabbit hole which now the sleepers can never be satisfied with anything else but , that which takes them further into the mystery. by by american idol, lol.... way to go Bill and Kerry, way to go.....hooowahh .....