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8th November 2012, 16:39

Well, hey folks -- THINGS ARE RAMPING UP towards Disclosure!

Gotta love that!

Here's an excerpt from David's latest blog release:

A groundbreaking two-year-old Project Camelot TV pilot, featuring Wilcock and others, finally airs TONIGHT -- just days after our classic black-ops insider "Daniel" has suddenly come forward for the first time, releasing fascinating new information!


The momentum for Disclosure has been building with incredible speed -- even in the mainstream media. One of my in-progress articles is a huge collection of Disclosure-related news stories -- appearing in just the last 6 months or so.

And now, the morning after what may have been the most bitterly contentious election in American history -- where neither choice seemed very appealing -- I am happy to announce a handful of significant events that will help make Disclosure a reality.

Project Camelot will make its official debut on international cable television tonight, November 7, 2012 -- at 11PM PDT/EDT, on the TruTV network, directly after Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

The name of the program is Shadow Operations: The Mars Project. It is important that we watch this show and let them know we want more!



Additionally, I am proud to announce the sudden, unexpected public debut of an insider I first met in December 2004 -- who gave me highly controversial and fascinating information that shaped the entire future of my work from then on.

Much of the second half of The Source Field Investigations, dealing with the science of three-dimensional time, "portals" and stargates, was inspired by the data I originally receieved from this man.

"Daniel" didn't just give us a casual heads-up to finally let us know he is a "real person." He's ON FIRE -- writing pages and pages of information that I think you will soon find to be extremely interesting.

If you can't wait, the master link to all the papers, and the websites discussing them, is currently on the main page of soldierhugs.com.

The last two years have been a disappointment for Disclosure in certain ways, as hardly any new insiders have come forward. That makes Daniel's sudden breakthrough all the more timely -- and rewarding.

Message to the goddamn Cabal: SHOVE IT UP WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE, YOU MOFOS!



8th November 2012, 16:52
I have just posted the following on Mojo's thread just now.. And it kinda make sense on this thread also.

I have come to the conclusion that there are too many out there that are laughing at me for believing this kind of things.
We need to take these things a bit more seriously. Take it to another level.

Lets use the Internet as a useful Tool. Lets expose what we know to be FACT and undeniable.. NO MORE SECRECY.
We the people are the disclosure, Not them... I will set myself a task and wont stop until I have exhausted all resources. Yes I know we're limited and don't have access to many secrets.
But together, we can expose them , let the cat out the bag...

8th November 2012, 20:43
As one who has read and has a great appreciation for The Source Field Investigations, I am really enjoying this blog from David (still reading as of now)

I wonder if this:

In fact, were it not for an eagle-eyed Camelot fan scanning the TV listings, this whole event might have come and gone with nary a whisper of interest or attention from anyone.

is actually referring to an Avalon 'fan', as I posted the thread here that seemed to get the word out, though perhaps there were already posts in the Camelot forum, I did not go there.

In my case the eagle-eye was my partner (wife sounds demeaning somehow) who was scanning the DirecTV guide for recording the Ventura show.

8th November 2012, 21:36
In my case the eagle-eye was my partner (wife sounds demeaning somehow) who was scanning the DirectTV guide for recording the Ventura show.

Hey Mountain Jim,

Yes, David was referring to your post about your alerting us to the fact of the Camelot show airing last night.

So here's a shout-out "THANK YOU!" to your wonderful wi... eagle-eyed female partner.

I'm about to go over to the local DirecTV office to tell 'em how wonderful the Camelot program was and to inquire about adding on TruTV to our channels.


8th November 2012, 22:31
Much thanks to Ms. mountain Jim! Whoopee

8th November 2012, 22:33
I'm about to go over to the local DirecTV office to tell 'em how wonderful the Camelot program was and to inquire about adding on TruTV to our channels.


Cool :)

I posted this on our facebook pages:

Do you wan't more of the Project Camelot TV-show?

Be sure to voice your opinion and make sure we are not silenced!


Phone: 800 268 7856

Let's be heard!

9th November 2012, 02:30
I still enjoy D.W. 's work, fascinating to say the least, he does his extensive homework. The Sci fi book was incredible. Some great stuff on his website as well as the www.soldierhugs.com site just mentioned. Those pdf's listed are shocking. Thanks David if your reading this. Keep up your great commitments in the scientific field you dwell in, as they are paying off.
Keep on keeping on. Kudos bro....

Peace.Love.One.....And all will be revealed soon, Im sure. ~W.f~

PS Here's The Tru TV Show just aired yesterday Featuring Our Own Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy, awesome show.






9th November 2012, 04:28
Disclosure of the tip of iceberg, at best.

Meaningful or true disclosure can never happen and will never happen.


knock yourself out!

9th November 2012, 04:58
we all know there is life on mars " i believe it " i reckon our system is heaving with life....

10th November 2012, 15:16
The pdfs on soldierhugs are very interesting. One of the pdfs contains a link to this video, which even Daniel had not seen yet but he said he will watch it when he has time. This is the best video I have seen all year. Most of you will have heard bits and pieces of the topics discussed in this 1993 interview but perhaps never all in one place. It joins a lot of dots for me.

This video has been posted at least three times before on this forum but I missed it. Perhaps you did too.


16th November 2012, 05:08
Author GW Hardin comments on Daniel's papers:


16th November 2012, 08:09
Author GW Hardin comments on Daniel's papers:


Hardin has good thoughts to offer. A worthy read, IMO.

The Truth Is In There
16th November 2012, 12:15
Author GW Hardin comments on Daniel's papers:


classic case of talking a lot and not saying anything new at all. to me this appears like he wanted to add his own two cents to papers that already included everything that's relevant to the topic, just for the sake of saying something. no useful info here, just what the "angels" told him. yeah, right.

16th November 2012, 21:12
Yes, thanks mountain jim.

17th November 2012, 00:29
I have spent most of the day on this thread; reading all the pdfs, viewing sometimes several times these videos. and reading all the comments from all the postings. I have taken pages of notes as I do not process well without the written word and I do not remember where all these links are unless I write a written path. I found the Montauk Project head ache inducing. I neither believe nor disbelieve. I think it mostly resonates which means life continues to get more fantastic than any SF I have ever read. Whenever I get to this place I think of Terrence McKenna who clearly instinctively knew much and saw much and was way before the time of expression. I have always felt he was deliberately poisoned in some way that was beyond his ability to heal. Yet, his voice continues to open my mind and sustain me in ways I cannot express.

I often want to write things here but I am afraid. I want to see this through. I have come to the conclusion that I know a lot of this stuff only differently. I think it is too sad that most women are prevented from being heard even spiritually the way men are. I have had my own experience with being used as a subject of government research or corporate research--can't tell the difference--of the Rand Institute in the 70s. Once I caught on, I produced minimally so I could get out of there and survive. Only on TV are the Samantha's of the world allowed to be who they are and to partner with the guy who gets in the chair. I think Samantha could get in the chair too but she would do it differently and Colonel O'Neil is who we are used to.

At the same time the intelligence of the planet is definitely living and female as told so often by so many shamanic experiences. And it is the female experience of surrendering to life which is what giving birth means that has got to come to equal value. I consider it a miracle that my mind has survived so much already and I want it intact as much as possible for the singularity is that is fast approaching. I have spent a lot of my life feeling the fear and doing it any way but I now have this strong sense of self preservation.

The Montauk Project is in some ways proof to me that what I experienced at the Rand Institute in 71 and 72 was similar but different and as important and also about distorting visual perception. Everyone should spend some time thinking about the contents of this thread. There were studies that came out in that time that were so mindblowing they made the MSM but then it was all so what? No one has denied this just few really intensely considered the implications.

1. The plant feeling/thinking implications on the galvanic skin response machines. Plants responded not only to actions taken but to actions thought about. IE: they would respond to thoughts about being burned not just burning. And they responded to the deaths of even brine shrimp or really low life forms.

2. That we knew for sure they were thousands of miles of interconnected root systems like the aspens.

3. That we knew for sure the rainforests were the lungs of the earth and still we burned them for profit instead of paying for their life which protects ours.

4. That we could put glasses of various kinds on as filters, not everyone sees alike ie: color blindness. That with the right glasses everyone could see auras. That more sensitive people saw more details in auras. That sensitivity could be filtered out. That you could see the lying of people in auras. All of that was learned to be removed. Instead of using this knowledge for the healing it could provide, it was made into an asset of weapons for war. It became night vision goggles and thermography instead of what it really is seeing the soul encapsulating the body. The body does not enshrine the soul and is the one thing not spoken of in the Torah/Bible etc. The soul enshrines the body and can be made visible--TPTB have chosen not to allow that knowledge to be known or developed.

17th November 2012, 13:25
Author GW Hardin comments on Daniel's papers:


classic case of talking a lot and not saying anything new at all. to me this appears like he wanted to add his own two cents to papers that already included everything that's relevant to the topic, just for the sake of saying something. no useful info here, just what the "angels" told him. yeah, right.

As someone who first became aware of Project Camelot's resources through a search about Burisch after his 'absurdity' was mentioned on a music discussion forum I attended, I find further thoughts, links to supporting content, and discussions about the timelines and possible manipulation of them to be extremely interesting.

Just the idea that our DNA is multi-dimensional and thus not capable of being dumbed down for long at the 3D-level was of great value to me.

The Daniel material to me is well-worth relating additional ideas ,experiences, and content to, to help get my mental 'hands' around it all.

Mr Hardin's contribution relates Daniel's personally experienced history and pov to a (I suggest) more enlightened viewpoint about what may really be going on as viewed from a more spiritually unified perspective, and one with which I resonate.

The evidence that I see, whether mathematical or heuristic, says several facets of the Divine have actively joined with humanity not to arrive as some horsed cavalry but as holders of human intent, celebrating in ways only the Divine can celebrate—as evidenced in the many unity events that have swept this planet. Even now there are those who continue to call for more unity events on this blog.

The evidence I have seen regarding benevolent ETs does show that they have a difficult time understanding humans. But, hell, humans have a difficult time understanding humans. And, yes, they also have difficulty with ego, individualism, and individuation, which for the most part is a unique human trait. Daniel is correct in averring that we are unique among the stars, probably more unique than even he knows. But to think that angels have the ability to assert some agenda or impose some truth, whether absolute or not, is plainly fallacious. As one of the foremost spokesmen on the angelic realm, I can tell you that not only do angels themselves exist without free will, they hold human free will as supremely sacred. If you will, there is an anti-cavalry clause in the angelic constitution. The only way an angel can mix in any manner, shape, or form, with human free will is if the human allows it. There is no other option. In fact, the angelic realm already is celebrating the choices that humanity has made in returning to Eden where the angels say, “Our kind wishes to bind with your kind.”

I agree with Daniel and others that humanity does not need the cavalry, but it also does not serve us to think of ourselves as some David against a Goliath. The days of duality are over. Timeline Three allows us to move beyond duality into the potentials of Oneness. When Dan Burish exhorted his fellow humans to continue with unity events, he knew what he was talking about. Yes humans have reptilian anatomy in their brains. And yes humans have cetacean anatomy in their brains. Yes humans have uniquely human anatomy in their brains ... but it is all one brain. Our DNA is a virtual melting pot of various alien DNA. We are a walking embodiment of Oneness. And because of that we ourselves could be looked at as a cavalry coming to the rescue of the Star Nations. For within us likes a secret, a miracle that will benefit all the Star Nations. Our awareness is carrying us into Ascension Consciousness. We will do more than join other civilizations, we will eventually gift them with the results of our own survival across the warring timelines that are all coming to an end. This is the timeline the Hopi, the Mayans, the Shoshone, and the Iroquois spoke of—the Golden Age of Peace—which inexorably is flooding our world like an oncoming tide. It cannot be stopped. It will not be stopped. In accordance with Native American prophecy, we have entered the Fifth World. No changies.

papers that already included everything that's relevant to the topic

To which I say , Really?

I therefore disagree with this post, and agree with Modwiz's point of view in the prior post.

17th November 2012, 13:41
Mozart, when you start a thread/discussion it would be helpful if you define the terms.

Well, hey folks -- THINGS ARE RAMPING UP towards Disclosure!

iyho, What is "disclosure"?
If you don't define what you are talking about from the outset then the discussion is trivial.

Ultima Thule
18th November 2012, 17:18
Great show, thank you Bill, Kerry and the crew!!!

As a dull European, I would admittedly enjoy still cameras and thorough step by step analysis of the pictures for example. The content was plenty exciting in itself, no need for the "buzz". But hey, as I said, we in Finland actually can be entertained by watching paint dry...


18th November 2012, 20:50
While you are certainly free to disagree with him TTIIT, I cannot agree with your allegations; Hardin has done his homework and gave links where he has gone or will go into greater detail at:

Quote Geometrically, the same can be said for DNA (see my article on the DNA tesseract on American Kabuki (here):
If you wish to explore more about the DNA tesseract, more will be revealed on my research website over the next year: www.soundsofwonder.com
Even the angels have stated recently through the Joe Crane appearances (On the Wings of Heaven, www.gwhardin.com ) that humanity’s return to Eden will not only affect our world but many worlds ( http://beatpeace.net/angelvisits.htm )
In 2009, there occurred another set of unity events encouraged by the celestials, beginning on November 1, which I write about in a series of articles called “The Avatar-Child” ( www.gwhardin.com/child.htm ).
and this one article on one page of MANY pages he's written on these subjects ends with "To be continued …"

Author GW Hardin comments on Daniel's papers:


classic case of talking a lot and not saying anything new at all. to me this appears like he wanted to add his own two cents to papers that already included everything that's relevant to the topic, just for the sake of saying something. no useful info here, just what the "angels" told him. yeah, right.

18th November 2012, 21:58
Am I right to be skeptic about it? Is it ok to be careful with putting my energy behind this stuff? I respect DW, although, Drake, Mass Arrests, and the Lawsuit, are not all in his favor - although that might be simply lack of my knowledge. How does a person that would like to keep a reserved position behave in this situation?

I find dealing with stuff like that difficult. Inside i feel that this might be right, but also, that I should be careful. What to do in this situation?

Would it be a good idea to just keep calm and quiet within? Knowing is great, but really - I mean really, I would like to know, What can we do when we know?

Please forgive me my incoherent train of thought, It is difficult enough to writhe this down.


19th November 2012, 04:23
Ok. The Daniel material is some of the best that I have seen for a while. it has integrated a lot of material and is on the whole well done and very interesting.

Now I like this research a lot. I like the theories. But liking a theory is no reason to blindly believe it.
One thing I noticed while reading it, was about the theory that the sun, in transition, goes dark for a few days. I would say that this poses a problem. We are observing stars at present - millions of them in order to find exoplanets. One method used is by measuring the brightness of a star, and in a planet's orbit around that star, as it crosses inbetween the star and the observational equipment, a dimming is observed. Therefore was can say if a particular star has an exoplanet.
Also, and just as relevantly, people observe the sky with their bare eyes, or telescopes at home, all the time, have done for a long time, and this includes people who you cannot say are 'suppressing evidence', because it includes everyone. What I am getting at is that if stars dim in their transitioning, and they transition say... 5 or 6 times[?] in their evolution and there are ~300,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy alone, this means that if stars do infact 'go out' during transition, then stars would be going out for dinner and wine all over the place because of the sheer numbers of stars multiplied by the number of transitioning points. And we are not observing this.
Therefore, Daniel's theories need to account for this, or, if you prefer, account for this. Take your pick.

I like very much the papers, I am just a critic. Overall I think his releases were very good. But you know... it has its problems and I didn't go into all of them here, but then again, neither did Daniel.

Author GW Hardin comments on Daniel's papers:


I did not however, think GW Hardin's addition was good.
He claims that that timeline 0 won't be re-established because it is failed phenomena.
What appears to be going on in his words is a need to establish hierarchy, and buried in this is the action of ego. For example the need to elevate consciousness itself as better, above, apart from the regular mundane existence of 'motion'. Because basic stuff is far below what consciousness is. surely. that is obvious.

Well no. There is only what is. Consciousness has no need to elevate itself above motion [the basic structure/s of what is] not in ANY way. Because it just plainly IS what is, not greater than what is - this is imposing a false hierarchy upon a simple baseline null, of silence, and simplicity of what is. What has been done by Hardin is to say well OBviously timeline 0 isn't good enough because it got conquered and was beaten and failed. Sorry but it got what? That's the Earth in her natural beauty you're talking about there sonny jim : D. Timeline 0, is the natural order of things. This does not imply 'of lesser perfection and intelligence' just because some tard raped and pillaged it. The nature of the universe, of the Earth, of nature is what it is, and it is perfect, and it "allowed" tards to conquer it because that's what it does, in such a way as that they could self collapse into self collapsing fractalism and conclude their own spins and evolution [as a natural part of the universe and its evolution]. That doesn't mean we need a new and improved version "timeline the f*ck 3" from Mr Hardin over here (comes with fries and a free angel sticker if you get in early).

There was nothing missing from timeline 0, it was not missing anything majestic and sublime, it was, and is, completely whole, natural, and held perfectly in the fractal scalar octival plastic omni-temporal brilliance that it always has. It does not require replacing, or improving, or updating because it is 'failed', just as the Earth does not need changing from its natural form in hyperexistence. It is not timeline 0 that needs an updraft, it's Mr Hardin. Just defending the natural ancient honour of the Lady Earth, and her lovely Star Seeding men, thank you very much.