View Full Version : Illuminati is the most non-secret organisation

8th November 2012, 20:07
I think now no-one can call it secret because more people know what the Illuminati is than the women's institute and youtube programs are even spotting symbols.


It makes me think maybe they wanted it to be a secret like this so it would have the opposite effect and make people want to know about them. Reverse Psychology.

8th November 2012, 21:20
The Illuminati only means the 'enlightened ones' from the illuminated manuscripts and books only the rich and religious could read,
because they were the only ones litrate and could afford the hand copied documents. Later with the arrival of the printing press more
books were available.Also more people were able to read them from the merchant classes.

Its only relatively recently many people can read and have access to a lot of the material , which is still buried in texts and needs dedicated
researchers to try and decipher them. Many in the world are still illiterate and there is still much material locked away in the Vatican Librery
and private family collections, so the term illuminati is a blanket word for more sinister and secretive organiations imo...

The Illuminati classes still exist but now have branched out into the corporate
world. So the term Illuminati is true but its bigger than that !!


Cheers Steve...

8th November 2012, 21:57
Does this crudeness come from desperation? Look at the viewing figures as compared to this