View Full Version : News flash RBS, UBS Traders Said to Face Arrest in Libor Probe

9th November 2012, 15:33
RBS, UBS Traders Said to Face Arrest in Libor Probe

By Lindsay Fortado - Nov 9, 2012 8:52 AM ET


U.K. prosecutors are poised to arrest former traders and rate setters at UBS AG (UBSN), Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc (RBS) and Barclays Plc within a month for questioning over their role in the Libor scandal, a person with knowledge of the probe said.

The arrests will be made by police under the direction of prosecutors at the Serious Fraud Office within the next month, said the person, who declined to be identified because the matter isnít public. Arrests in the U.K. are made at an early stage of the investigation, allowing police and prosecutors to question people under caution and may not lead to charges.

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Much love to us all!! :grouphug:

9th November 2012, 15:40
Just Like Berney Madoff was scapegoated in the leveraged derivative debacle, and offered up as the sacrificial lamb, and the rest of Wall Street is free to continue raping and pillaging...

Just like Lehman Brothers was cut down and chopped up, and the spoils were shared among the cronies who were running the scam...

So too is this Libor scandal now turning into a witch hunt, and who gets scaped is the only unknown.

The big boys who pull all the strings are still doin what they do unimpeded and are busy looking for the next big bubble to inflate and pop, or the next widgit to pump and dump.

9th November 2012, 22:13
It's also interesting that the father of the supposed Colorado theater shooter James Holmes was an expert on the software that picked up on these shananigans. Funny how there has not been a whisper about James Holmes in the MSM lately.