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9th November 2012, 17:19
Take this as you will, but I found it to be rather interesting and worthy of discussion. Whether it is true or not in context, it's rather interesting in premiss.


I'd be interested in thoughts that this may create in terms of a "possible" future. Yes, Wing Makers is involved in this... so as I say, take it as you will. I'm finding the ideas of what a future world may look like to be fascinating with many positives and negatives to be taken in on both sides.

Your thoughts?

From the Heart,

9th November 2012, 18:32
What interests me about this is that when we think about a "Utopia" there are many downfalls mixed in with the ideals of what is uplifting and needed in any society. For example:

The loss of creative ability. Would not a society that can provide food, energy, etc. Be able to cultivate the need for creativity? Culture is needed and preservation of culture... art, spirituality, patterns from manifesting consciousness...

Then there is the thought of stratification: Still in this supposed future society there are those who have more and those who have less.

The idea of contribution: Is not every contribution just as important? Whether you are an engineer, or a janitor... what does it matter? Society as a construct would need to create the idea that EVERYONE is viable and therefore have the same means to work with... or not, depending on your own thoughts on the issue. Are we not all individuals with talents and desires that need to be taken into account?

There was no mention of the status of the Earth as a living being... Does not the idea of "floating cities" format the idea of an earth that can heal itself without environmental stress and be able to reform into her original state? What does this idea of a future society hold in terms of sustainable environment?

Pollution is also not mentioned... what about that?

I'm thinking about trying to cultivate ideas that would aid in the idea that a society can exist in harmony with it's planet... thus far for me the native aboriginal cultures seem to have created just that. With little waste, artistic culture, and a homage to the Mother Earth. With this idea of technology, which I also find helpful if used with consciousness and sustainability; is it possible to create the idea of a future Earth that will resonate and move into our next paradigm in a reflection of peace and creation at the same time? Can this be accomplished without losing one's own individual sovereignty?

Thoughts to ponder...

From the Heart,

9th November 2012, 18:55
Al and Phillip Schnieder were doing the lecture circuit and Al definitely suppported Phills story. Have any of the major researchers spoken in support of Al's story?

9th November 2012, 19:08
Not sure on that Mojo... What I'm trying to do is take the information as a premiss and in doing so try to create a dialog about a future for this planet. Now I did think about that question... and that's something that will really take this thread else where, however, it's something to be considered. I personally do not know if this is a legit vid or not in terms of the information... however, in the idea of defining where the possibilities of this planet and "you and me" are possibly going... we need to manifest that in the best possible terms.

There are many things in the works that would show that this as a possible future and is indeed something that could be manifest. We are in a unique position on the timeline to change that into something better, if not remarkable. I'm intrigued enough to postulate, but nothing more. I would like to see what we have in our coffers to create... in the spirit of amiable creation of thought... where are we headed and how can we make this a place that has potential. The world as a future existence IS in OUR hands in many respects. "How are we looking forward?" is my question.

From the Heart,