View Full Version : Understanding the NEW AGE that is coming!

13th November 2012, 19:06
MIRROR from awakeningasone.com - http://awakeningasone.com/
A great change is taking place in our times, there is a new age on the horizon and we, as HUMANITY, need to prepare OUR hearts and OUR minds for the current and coming events! PLEASE mirror and make viral so anyone with an open mind has the chance to realize the rapid and coming changes going on around ALL OF US! Peace, love and light... God Bless.

14th November 2012, 09:28
I have given up waiting for a new age.

Every moment is new.

Its coming, its happening now, its real.

Change with the times, or suffer the differences.

14th November 2012, 11:19
Just realized that i just cannot listen to any of that stuff anymore.
It's making me sick - just like tv.

[To clarify: I'm not saying anything about the quality of the vid here.]

Mike Gorman
14th November 2012, 17:42
People, in the guise of varied groups have been heralding the Dawn of a New age for hundreds of years-each increment of change represents 'ages'...I agree with preceding comments
Aleister Crowley seems to have had a good handle on this...

14th November 2012, 18:50
The new age is already here, they made a new zodiac didn't they ?