View Full Version : Dr. Steve Pieczenik MD Ph.D blows the 'Lid-Off' the Petraeus & Benghazi Scandals..!

14th November 2012, 08:55
Who Cares if former General/CIA Director Petraeus had an Extra-Marital Affair...:faint:

The ? is...

Why so much MSM attention...???

One thing I do know...

Is that Dr. Steve Pieczenik MD Ph.D (ex-Black Ops, CIA Psychiatrist & CFR Member) was (Spot-On) when he said General/CIA Director Petraeus was one of the GOOD-GUYS...:yes4:

Pieczenik also mentioned that Patraeus wanted the Troops out of the Middle East entirely (the sooner the better)...!

So here's the REALLY GOOD NEWS about this malignant GOVT/MSM Witchhunt...

We are now alot closer to (Smokin-The-Rats-Out-Of-There-Cages)...:dance3:...:smokin:


Its not long to go now...

Don't know what form it will take, whether by a Coup, Obama Secrets revealed, etc, etc..???

Whatever form it takes, I can (Feel-It-In-Me-Bones) Yes Sir-Ree - It aint going to be long now...:)

The Alex Jones Show -- 2012 Nov 13 TU

From the Infowars web site :: Today on the Tuesday, November 13 worldwide transmission of the Alex Jones Show, government insider Dr. Steve Pieczenik will blow the lid off what he says is the truth behind the tragedy in Benghazi and the General Petraeus mega-scandal

Insider: CIA is Purging The U.S. Military in Globalist Coup


:director: http://fs08n1.sendspace.com/dl/16858def4e22e73de7b200be55663a16/50a35ab25befd91d/e60oxt/Alex_Jones_Show_2012_11_13TU.rar

Former CIA Officer: White House 'Lying' Over Petreaus Investigation

12th November 2012

"They had to have known and for them to say they were intercepting e-mails and reading the CIA Director emails and not reporting that to the White House is bull... what the DNI should have done should have done is call him and say 'What is this? What is this? What is going on here?' instead of waiting...

They are not telling the truth. They get pants on fire award. The White House is not telling the truth. It is politically engineered by all of you would not be reading the doing the investigation in the diameter of the justice without informing the white house. They are lying." - Gary Bernsten, Former CIA Operative

See the Video here...


PS - What a really 'DUMB' move by the PTW...:)

14th November 2012, 09:25
Well, it is true that when they want to rid themselves of a companion, sex scandals are not seldom set up for paving the way to a (forced) exit.

14th November 2012, 10:47
PSS - Just finished watching the interview...

If what Dr. Steve Pieczenik says is true in this latest interview with Alex!? Your :ear:'s have just lay witness to (More Truth) than any other 45 minutes radio interview in history!!! (inc. the Names, The Places & The Power Structure)

Great Stuff...:thumb:

Covering not only the Patraeus & Benghazi Mega-Scandal but add to that the 911 Chief Culprits, the Corrupt Generals, the Useless Congress, the Corrupt FBI & CIA Hierarchies, the Corrupt (ex-Special Forces) Mercinaries, the blatent Criminal Behavior of Obama, Hitlary, Panetta and their lackies, etc etc...

All from an 'Insider' who was literally there in some instances and still has a (foot-in-the-door) to those operatives who know the Real-Truth...:yes4:

I really hope you listened to the 'above' interview in its entirety...:yes4:

If you didn't? You missed out..:noidea:

14th November 2012, 11:31
The behind the scenes power struggle is starting to become more above ground and the people are becoming aware of this. There will be a rectification and the privatizing experiment has failed along with the ultimate plan of the neocons. Our posterity deserves much more than we managed to allow to fester in this day. We must not shy away from our responsibility to take back our rights and privileges, we must hold firm in upholding our morals and ethics as delineated by our Declaration of Independence. IMHO

14th November 2012, 15:27
Good video jackovesk.A lot of information to process thats for sure.One thing I definitely agree on with Dr Steve is that our whole government is corrupt and that is truth if I ever spoke it....

14th November 2012, 16:16

After watching above vid,,,it streamed into this one which is interresting , and Alex

Comments on it .

Alex Jones Visits Monument To Tyranny