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18th November 2012, 16:32

Gemini Jupiter retrograde in the footsteps of the fixed star Aldebaran

I continue to highlight the four Fixed Stars called "Royal" which is positioned in the form of a cross on the zodiac.

Aldebaran / Antares opposition is Gemini / Sagittarius

Regulus / Virgin is in opposition Fomalhaut / Fish

What interests us in this article is the race of Jupiter began his stage retro 4 October 16 23, he was traveling this time in conjunction with the Fixed Star "Rigel" Jupiter whose nature Tags: happiness, glory, and creative skills that really meet April 28 to May 3, 2013 (see the time a snapshot of the sky to assess the reality of this assumption influence). By cons can be seen with the Fixed Star Aldebaran currently runs Jupiter or running back and is likely the planet Mars or is found in conjunction Antares in Sagittarius on 21 and 22 October and would likely Mars and Jupiter and leads to success in business, Energy reckless. Deduction in the planetary oppositions are the axes of the Fixed Stars Royal who are feared and reactivate energies can be found by demonstrations that took place recently in Europe and the dramatic events in "Gaza" ...

Conjunction of Jupiter and the star Aldebaran fixed

First contact in the area from 29 July to 5 August 2012

Second contact in the area of ​​6 to 15 December 2012

Last contact in the area of ​​18 to 26 March 2013

The fact that Jupiter is currently being retro, luck is upset because he should not expect satisfactions from outside but from within ourselves. And we will have an opportunity to gain confidence, generosity, selflessness we need to develop and not expect from others. What we will be asked is to make the effort to practice the "kindness", the intention of the heart, recognizing the love that we promote as a source of energy that we will grow when Jupiter return phase direct.

There will be a search for more authentic social life, even to abandon the pretense or situations that overshadow his personal development. As the case may encounter this quest for obstacles require you to reposition the social. With the fixed star Aldebaran which I recall is the nature of Mars gives courage of the will in action.

What would be interesting are the passages of rapid Antares in Sagittarius, as you can see it is when the axis of opposition which is activated as the event becomes rebounding this summer with Jupiter and asteroid Hidalgo (the indignant) who found themselves in opposition to each in conjunction fixed Royal Star (Aldebaran and Antares)

After the Moon November 15 and December 12, the Sun will be in conjunction with Antares 1 and 2, Mercury and Venus on 18 December 24, 2012 The major social unrest will be the order of the day dragged on in duration

Jupiter and symbolizing religious or political leaders in its retrograde phase will not really real power to act effectively. This is so devious that we will act as sending positive thoughts in regions of the world where there is most needed. Use domestic resources to share in consciousness without expecting back ...

© Lunesoleil


29th November 2012, 17:28
Sagittarius Sun in the footsteps of the Great Attractor and the Galactic Center

The paradigm shift is becoming more threatening in the consciousness of man on the lookout for some of interjoists revelation by channeling that you can discover on the web. Consciousness of man frees himself and like a cosmic spiral attracts what it looks like on the vibrational. Our internet connection is no stranger to this phenomenon, which has become a receiver channel. For beings of Light colonizing a territory full of energy network linking users among them. A virtual family is created and has grown in recent years. Each month the Moon activities are galactic doors and making it available to current energy extending their influence increasing in ways atypical phones ...

Let us remember that the phenomena were studied on television screens or listening to the radio. Behind these crackling, whether was not hiding a communication attempt alien? Which it was impossible to identify at the time ... I'm one of those who have not yet seen a flying saucer, but becomes more and more curious by the testimonies of many more ...

The passage of the Sun in this area of ​​the universe without bottom or it is possible to reach thousands of galaxies similar to our own, is also a connecting door where anything can happen. The Sun illuminates our consciousness more from intergalactic knowledge that individuals may be able to capture. We are so infected by our experiences and our education that we leave no other information intercept our mind.

Sagittarius is abroad with symbolism, which is far, besides those born under its influence need a change of scenery and also draws inexorably. So the planets in this area at the time of birth, progressions (one day = one year), solar revolution (climate year and each anniversary calculation) and when transiting planets in the sign of Sagittarius which favors this quantum leap.

For those who believe in reincarnation, we would not have our first experience and that life on earth would be a passage. And according to our karmic baggage we convey our past experiences and future why not?. I feel the last few weeks as an accelerator in terms of consciousness. Are the fateful date of December 21, 2012 which results in its evolutionary spiral urgency of this collective ascent?

To appease the restless spirits, this is not the end of the world as interpreted in recent decades, but the end of the world must go through a crisis of conscience of a society unsuitable for real spiritual need of the human being .

The Sun in Sagittarius is a unique experience that reminds us of our cosmic identification for some forgotten by the weight of contingencies that life on earth requires us everyday. And others the opportunity to venture into unknown or deepen counter many metaphysical investigations. As astral travel, dreams making you travel in foreign countries ...

Everything is possible for him who believes .... You think so?

© Lunesoleil [/INDENT]

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26th December 2012, 18:40

The return of the Angels with the Angel asteroid in phase of parking from 17/12/12 to 4/01/13

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30th December 2012, 16:35
Forecast # 2013 a year of change :first:

18th January 2013, 19:37
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Jacqueline BOUSQUET died Friday, January 11, 2013 (the new moon day) and was cremated according to his wishes Thursday following 17... Peace to his soul Jacqueline Bousquet was Dr. of science, biology, Honorary researcher at the CNRS (1962-1997), associate of Professor Emile Pinel for study and highlighting of the informational fields in biology. A remarkable woman scientist for the dissemination of this work research and reflections on human life. It was a pleasure each time renew listen video. A natural woman related in his spiritual approach to the discovery of another reality to reinvent
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18th January 2013, 19:48

22nd January 2013, 13:29
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22nd January 2013, 21:05
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15th March 2013, 14:13

Saturn retro phase in conjunction with North Node in the sign of Scorpio

We are influenced to visit Saturn North Node will be felt more and more. The closer the conjunction will take place between September and October 2013 to mitigate then in the following weeks.

These are appointments not to neglect to identify circumstances that could come back and feel miserable all about 6yrs. These appointments will be experienced by alternately once at Saturn North Node and Node 6 years later in South ...

Some Saturn conjunctions with either:

=> Node / South Node or North NS / NN

Saturn conjunction in Virgo in NN (July / August 1979)

NS in conjunction Saturn in Scorpio (décembre/1984/janvier/1985)

Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in NN (January / February 1991)

Saturn conjunction in Aries in NS (July / August 1996)

Saturn conjunction in Gemini NN (May / June 2002)

Saturn conjunction in Virgo in NS (October / November 2007)

Conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio NN (September / October 2013)

Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in NS (influence felt almost the whole year 2019 Saturn retro phase on the south node)

Saturn requires a realistic involvement in our lives that can disrupt our daily lives. The current trine Saturn and Neptune can reunite these two energies which usually is not working on the same vibrational mode. Since Neptune is the symbol of the world of perception and subtlety at all levels of being. It is the star of dreams, imagination associated with the symbol of Saturn obligation to structure, build and get actively involved ...

Each appointment with one of Saturn's poles Lunar Nodes or Node or North Node south , will depend on the global environment during these critical appointments. It should be understood that Saturn and North Node talks about evolutionary path necessary for the development of an individual, a corporation, a state, a country ect ... and Saturn and the South Node (see table) is a return to the past, an opportunity to liquidate some form of karma, something to fix in one form or another ...

North Node in the footsteps of Saturn in Scorpio in 2013 it is a way of understanding the "global crisis" otherwise. It may not reach us on the way to the development of its interior. The individual can use this time to develop commitments that make sense. But it can go through a recount to meet, has to confront these unconscious fears. Saturn is the planet of time wisdom, inner guidance that can be found in oneself or a meeting.

With Saturn North Node in if you are hurt it is for his own good. The suffering will be experienced salvation if you play the card of sincerity, honesty, you will gain necessarily magnanimity and especially respect for others and yourself. Support for a few weeks of the stars in Pisces Saturn in Scorpio gives a commitment to something that deserves indulgence planetary gods. With Saturn North Node in the test will test the strength of a link that carries with it a new challenge to achieve ...

© Lunesoleil
Must change its view of the suffering man carries in himself and the world will change ♥

6th November 2016, 09:42
Hello everyone and good Sunday

Saturn in conjunction the Attracteur Grand in the sign of Sagittarius

It's a rare moment, because this conjunction occurs every 30 years, the last time it was between December 1986 and the summer of 1987 and 2016 Saturn was there in February and return in conjunction Venus on the day of the New Moon October 30th
There are four years I wrote my first article on the "Great Attractor" but my interest was more oriented towards the "Galactic Center" which is a few degrees later in the sign of Sagittarius. The Great Attractor is just like the Galactic Center energy door that will open the consciousness to something more cosmic. The Great Attractor is a phenomenon of gravitational attraction, we would be repelled by a region of the universe in the process of emptying and the Great Attractor named the "Grand foil" which focuses thousands of galaxies absorbed by the Great Attractor ...
I return to the conjunction of Saturn and Venus on the Great Attractor in a decreasing neighborhood of Neptune in Pisces. It can be interpreted in several levels. If you are in a rational mind, these multiple meetings that will take place after Venus and Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon every month in this part of the zodiac, certainly will not have a big impact on your consciousness. If you are on the path of inner awakening, you can feel the influences on a subtle level.
Saturn is the lord of karma which was itself the mid-point of the axis of nodes (with Neptune in conjunction node south, Jupiter in conjunction node north), may explain the difficulty of connecting to a higher consciousness. Being cut off from the spiritual roots we have created this lack of reference on things not that the existential we thought, but essential to our well being. There is one thing that we forget too often that land on wars on another permanent vibrational in the universe.

Sagittarius is a cosmic consciousness of refuge, Saturn in this zodiac zone request to discharge an unnecessary burden after suffering physical possession of awareness of the world of the psychological state in which we have the like living well, to be protected from the bad shots spells. Saturn asks us to become pondering and wondering about the reliability of social systems. Saturn can admit those mistakes because of its strategic position at the center of the nodes will be forced to open his eyes wide. It is not of this world it needs, its goal is to bring the structures, consolidate the achievements, he just needed time because it is the enemy of precipitation would like Mars. Saturn loses some power whether symbolic or real. This is a phase or weakness of our politicians loses effectiveness because it has an obligation to defer to superior forces. The master of Sagittarius is Jupiter (Zeus King of Olympus in mythology, it is not for nothing).

So Saturn in Sagittarius must defer to his superior, god himself, (a dish where you can draw your truth, because the source is unlimited) Saturn in Sagittarius is much more revealing after the passage of the Great Attractor until he arrived at the Galactic Center, as it loses its legitimate title temporarily. Saturn must recognize its valuable work on earth, what he did wrong or right. Saturn has the obligation of result, but in this zodiac sector must rely on the goodwill of Jupiter and communication is much easier by decreasing the sextile between the two acolytes. It is on this condition that Saturn will resume power because it must not forget its social role that needs time to realize and not only. We'll have all year 2017 to live in this new consciousness Saturnian paradigm. The trine Uranus Saturn can help to release the bad habits and conquer the world once again ...
© Lunesoleil

6th November 2016, 14:03
Interesting Lunesoleil, if you separate the masssive text in shorter sections it would be much easier to read esp. for us not having english as the first language. I've studied French by the way....

6th November 2016, 17:05
Interesting Lunesoleil, if you separate the masssive text in shorter sections it would be much easier to read esp. for us not having english as the first language. I've studied French by the way....


I did not understand in the short section, I write with the help of a translator