View Full Version : Total Solar Eclipse 2012 a Massive object appears between the Moon and the Sun!

21st November 2012, 13:17

Nibiru or huge UFO? 4 times than earth! Pass so fast!

21st November 2012, 13:40
Okay, that was so fake it wasn't even funny.

Maia Gabrial
21st November 2012, 16:13
Could it have been a large craft evacuating the back side of the moon?

13th Warrior
21st November 2012, 16:15
The Moon should appear to be moving across the Sun from Right to Left not left to right as it's shown in the posted video.

You have many tools available to you as an internet user; please try to use them to educate yourself.

Here's a short video education on Solar Eclipse:


21st November 2012, 16:45
I really think that is fake. If you tilt your screen just right you can see the thing" changes direction after it goes out of view. Its a cool fake, but it's a fake.

21st November 2012, 17:15
Hey folks,

This isnīt just fake. Itīs a ridiculously terribly amateurish fake.

Even the youtube "Nibiruers", which have a quite high tolerance for fake videos, pointed this one as a hoax.

Anyway, as I told you guys a lot of times, if such a huge celestial body was that close to our sun, we wouldnīt even be here to tell the story; It would badly mess with the gravitational organization of our whole solar system.

I get mad just to think that this whole Nibiru craziness happened because our friend Sitchin mistranslated a Sumerian word...



21st November 2012, 18:09
yahweh, yeah/ja where

how certain on the size, only if distance to the object were measured could one estimate size,
and for a planet, well, too fast, would have spot it elsewhere,

unless u could cloak such a [size] thing fromThrough most wave bands,

but ja what, so what, if real, how would that change the prize of pudding
yahweh therefore