View Full Version : Panspermia theorists say India's red rain contains life not seen on Earth

4th September 2010, 08:07
* India experiences "red rain"
* 10-year study findings out today
* Contain life "not seen on Earth"

ALIEN life may already exist on Earth - us.

There's an idea - common, but not popular in scientific circles - that all life on Earth was seeded from comets, asteroids or meteors which struck the planet and contained the building blocks necessary to kickstart the evolutionary process.

It's called "panspermia" and it caused an all-in boffin barney some 15 years ago when several scientists backed claims there was evidence of life in a Martian meteorite found in the Allan Hills in Antarctica.

It's been proven that life can survive in space, just as it's been proven that the interior of the Mars meteorite never rose above 50C during its journey to Earth.

Unfortunately for alien-spotters, those cells can also be found on Earth, so the argument's never been settled.


4th September 2010, 12:34
They are silicone based life instead of carbon based that only reproduce under high temperatures.