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27th November 2012, 09:02
Is Goldman Sachs now inside the Bank of England?

We know there is much 'interaction' between the managements of The Federal Reserve a private corporation and Goldman Sachs.
Most of them are the same people!

From ABC News.
“The makeup of the Federal Reserve’s board of directors poses a conflict of interest and there is concern that several financial firms and corporations could have reaped monetary benefits from their executives’ close ties to the Fed, according to a new report released today by the Government Accountability Office.”

“The Fed is not required to disclose those waivers. In September 2008, Goldman Sachs received permission from the Fed to become a bank holding company and get access to loans from the Fed while the then chairman of the New York Federal Reserve’s board of directors, owned shares in Goldman Sachs and sat on its board of directors. The Fed gave Goldman Sachs a waiver from its conflict of interest rules but did not consult with the board nor did it publicly disclose the affiliation.”

The new governor of the bank of England Mark Carney worked for Goldman Sachs.
The Daily telegraph:

“Mark Carney: The Goldman Sachs connection.
While Mark Carney may stand out as the only Canadian on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, he will not be the only rate-setter with Goldman Sachs on his CV.”

Q. Is this part of the New World Order global finance plan?


27th November 2012, 11:42
Mark Carney -- new head of the Bank of England joins a list of Goldman alums in positions of power.
Here's a rundown of them:

Mario Monti (Italy's Prime Minister): He was an international adviser to Goldman.
Mario Draghi (European Central Bank President): He served as Goldman Sachs vice chairman in Europe.
Mark Patterson (U.S. Department of the Treasury Chief of Staff): He was a Goldman VP from 2004 to 2007 and a managing director from 2007 until April 2008.
William Dudley (Federal Reserve Bank of New York President): He worked at Goldman from 1986 to 2007 where he worked as a managing director and became a partner.
Gary Gensler (CFTC Chairman): He worked Goldman from 1979 to 1997 where he was a the co-head of fixed income and later finance. He became a partner at the firm.
Michael Cohrs (Bank of England, member of the Financial Policy Committee): He spent ten years at Goldman from 1981 to 1991 in various managerial positions.
Olusegun O. Aganga (Nigerian Minister for Trade and Investments): He worked as a managing director at Goldman in hedge fund consulting and European prime brokerage.

27th November 2012, 12:13
It feels like we are being surrounded....and we are not supposed to notice!

27th November 2012, 16:04

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Tarka the Duck
27th November 2012, 17:37
Goldman Sachs is lurking in the background again....this is from the Independent:


A former Goldman Sachs banker in charge of private contracts for the Department for Transport was named yesterday as one of the officials suspended for their alleged role in the West Coast rail franchise fiasco. Kate Mingay, head of commercial at the DfT, is believed to be the most senior of three staff suspended on Wednesday.

She ran a team responsible for the finance model in the bidding for the West Coast Main Line franchise. The decision to strip Sir Richard Branson's company, Virgin Trains, of the multibillion-pound contract and award it to FirstGroup instead was scrapped after the Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, said there were "significant technical flaws" in the bidding process because of the DfT's mistakes.

Ms Mingay was also part of a team which approved the controversial decision to place a £1.4bn order for new Thameslink trains with the German firm Siemens, rather than the Derby train-maker Bombardier.

Ms Mingay, a Cambridge graduate, earns £135,000 a year and is considered a rising star at the DfT. Two years ago, she was appointed to a Whitehall task force to examine the Government's spending review.


Ernie Nemeth
27th November 2012, 21:43
Who is Art Carney, the governor of Canada's central bank, a relation?

Tarka the Duck
28th November 2012, 08:22
Art Carney, the actor, had 3 children - Brian, Eileen and Paul.

Mark Carney, the Canadian banker due to taken over the reins at the Bank of England next year, doesn't seem to be related to him (at least not closely):

Carney was born in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. His father Bob was a high school principal there, and later a professor of education at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, where the family moved when Carney was six years old. Carney has three siblings — older brother Sean, younger brother Brian and sister Brenda. His mother Verlie was an elementary school teacher before having her children. Carney and his brothers all studied at Harvard University.[6]
Carney completed a bachelor's degree in economics at Harvard in 1988. He later attended St Peter's College, Oxford where he received a master's degree in economics in 1993, and Nuffield College, Oxford where he received a doctorate in economics in 1995.[7]

28th November 2012, 10:52
Q. Is this part of the New World Order global finance plan?

Looks that way. Here is a very good article that shows how it's all coming about, who's who and all that.


The normal scenario usually involves helping a nation hide a problem and sell its debt until the problem blow up into a bubble that bursts in a spectacular way. Goldman Sachs makes money selling the overpriced debt, and by betting against the nation.
Goldman Sachs then puts their "man" into a position of power to direct the bailouts so that Goldman gets all its money back and more, while the nation's economy gets gutted.
3rd world nations have seen this before, but Goldman Sachs have been sparing no one.

It was a Goldman Sachs man, Mark Carney, now head of the Bank of England, that helped tank Russia's economy in the 1990's.

28th November 2012, 11:32
Here is the antidote ;-


Here is an excellent site dedicated to Full Reserve Banking ;- http://www.positivemoney.org/our-proposals/

30th November 2012, 08:00
This is from David icke's site.

'When the people of Greece saw their democratically elected Prime Minister George Papandreou forced out of office in November of 2011 and replaced by an unelected Conservative technocrat, Lucas Papademos, most were unaware of the bigger picture of what was happening all around them.

Similarly, most of us in the United States were equally as ignorant when, in 2008, despite the switchboards at the US Capitol collapsing under the volume of phone calls from constituents urging a “no” vote, our elected representatives voted “yes” at the behest of Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen and jammed through the biggest bailout of Wall Street in our nation’s history.

But now, as the Bank of England, a key player in the ongoing Eurozone crisis, announces that former investment banker Mark Carney will be its new chief, we can’t afford to ignore what’s happening around the world.

Steadily – and stealthily – Goldman Sachs is carrying out a global coup d’etat.'

Read more: Goldman Sachs' Global Coup D'etat


30th November 2012, 09:42
It feels like we are being surrounded....and we are not supposed to notice!

A slight crack in the plan, I'd say. I wonder how much daylight will make it through? The sleepwalkers need a good dose of it.