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26th March 2010, 17:34
The geometric pattern seen below has been proposed by Wayne Herschel as having been encrypted into the monuments of many ancient civilisations as part of a decipherable code defining "who we are and where we come from". This same pattern is also found in the paintings of famous artists like Da Vinci and Poussin and in the talismans and depictions of secret societies.

For millennia, woman have been robbed of their status as being equal to man. For this reason the definition of the ultimate human blueprint code and the sacred geometry (seen below) will be portrayed with woman in front of man.

In the 500 year old Da Vinci rendition of the original 2000 year old lost Greek manuscript of the original human code by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, his depiction showed TWO pairs of arms and TWO pairs of legs. His masterpiece strongly suggests that two human beings were originally portrayed in the earliest source of the human code with one human in front of the other. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the original source of the human blueprint code would have portrayed creation of the human with divine proportion... but depicting also the sacred union of both woman and man.


click each of the two parts below to explore Wayne's findings on the human blueprint code. The source of the code appears to pre date Vitruvius by many thousands of years.



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Victoria Tintagel
25th September 2010, 00:44
Hey dear Mike, although I am quite late in reading your thread on "the Ultimate Human Blueprint Code - Union of Woman and Man" I find it fascinating. At this late late hour I will have to delve into this another moment. I have learned about the coded meaning in this drawing by Drunvalo Melchizedek's workshop The Flower of Life. The square and the circle, the straight line and the edge: male and the curved line, no edge, spiral: female. They are related and connected. These codes are connected to the MerKaBah too, the ancient Egyptian knowledge about the Lightbody vehicle. There is a pair of arms touching the square and a pair that touch the circle, likewise with the feet. Although I love the idea that it's a woman and man, I think it's meant to be a human being that has merged the female (touching the circle) and male (touching the square) aspect of itself. According to Drunvalo, Leonardo da Vinci was an initiate (designs of machinery by Da Vinci are spectacular). Always interesting and worthwhile to compare notes, by the mirror of our sharing there's a new creation, I believe. :) Always in my heart, Mike, Tint.

8th December 2010, 03:55
one, two, three, many........... what about the union of Two Androgynous entities? That would make four, wouldn't it
oh yea be careful with that Drunvalo fellow he tends to stretch the truth about stuff especially Mu

9th December 2010, 20:08

Ardhaniswara , Shiva-Shakti, half man-half woman, the first unborn ..



Or Samantabhadra-Samantabhadri ..


The state of union of polarities...



9th December 2010, 20:21

Feet of Glorious Manjushri resting on canvas..


9th December 2010, 20:32
Davinci was an initiate in the DARK secret societies and the "sacred geometry" in his work is the INORGANIC geometry..it's really SCARED geometry..the geometry imposed on our hologram by the beings who are AFRAID (scared geometry)of us discovering our true Divinity...