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4th September 2010, 17:17
I think i must have broken about 100 mirrors my luck this week has been truly awful, For no fault of my own I am about to become homeless tommorow!

I've decided instead of putting up with a job I can't stand in an area i've always hated i'm going to take this sign and just leave it all behind and head for the south coast of England where i'm from and where i've always wanted to return.

Ive got 700 quid in my pocket, two cats in a carrier and a bag of clothes, tommorow is sure going to be interesting!

Ive got a couch to stay on for a week and then its anyones guess, first port of call is head for the recruitment agencies. anyone had any similar experience where you just up and left everything?


4th September 2010, 18:37
I say, enjoy the adventure! First of all, I've not heard of anyone starving to death in England, have you? And there is always shelter, albeit not so great, but, who knows? Sometimes there is something or someone calling for your return. You may not know for a while who or what that is, but as long as you stay relaxed, you will be fine. Cheers to you from the US. It's not so great here looking for work right now...be glad you are in England, luck to you.

4th September 2010, 19:22
Good luck Sentience, I have been in the same situation that you are in a few times over this life. Its definitely an experience to go through. Just stay positive and try to approach everything with love. Good luck on your journey.

Much love,

Peace of Mind
4th September 2010, 19:27
This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me.

My advice…
Just remember to think positive on your new journey, envision great things happening for you and put your intent/love into these desires, your thoughts are very important. No images of despair = bliss

Everything happens for a reason, so your experiences with bad luck were probably meant to be. I’m sure there were valuable lessons learned…be weary if you learned nothing.

A new beginning is most beneficial when spirituality accompanies it…


4th September 2010, 20:21
Thanks guys i knew i could rely on Avalon to put me in a positive frame of mind about it. :)

Much love


4th September 2010, 23:07
Thanks guys i knew i could rely on Avalon to put me in a positive frame of mind about it. :)

Much love


Be careful young man/ girl..I've spent time under flyovers and on benches myself..if you must do this..then dig a hole for your valuables. More importantly...GO HOME!..and if you can't do that then come here..I promise you a bath every day..a comfortable bed and we'll talk about your circumstances...i'M HERE IF YOU WANT ME TO HELP!


4th September 2010, 23:17
You are in a turnning point...and the way is up, happy and free :)
Ask for help aloud to your guides and angels...they are with you and ready if you ASK...........


5th September 2010, 00:01
Oh, so you are starting a new assignment from the cosmic teacher... that means you must have graduated the last lesson-task... congrats!

keep your spirits up and syncronicity-awareness sharp... you will end up where you are supposed to be- relax and enjoy the adventure!

5th September 2010, 00:08
I'm in the same boat. Right now I am in Wyoming for awhile. I think after New Mexico I will go to Oklahoma and get to know my ancestors both white and Cherokee.

just keep going forward.

5th September 2010, 01:22
Seems like were being pushed to exit ego and enter into the eternal now where a way is always provided. At least thats whats happening over at this end anyways! Might not be the same for everyone. Live in the now, with love in your heart, and the universe will take care of you.

Good luck!

5th September 2010, 09:07
Sentience i wish you lots of luck and hope very much that you find a home and some employment......take care and keep safe

5th September 2010, 13:01
The moment you let go like you are now is when what you have always needed will show up. Just keep on with the train of thought you are in now where all that matters is the moment and things will work out great for you.

5th September 2010, 13:16
As above and maybe even spend a little of your 700 on a small tent, sleeping bag and stove. Atleast you can keep warm dry and feed yourself.
Best of luck

6th September 2010, 13:38
Good Luck Sentience, In March my pet Diamond Dove and I left Los Angeles on a wing and a prayer for Hawaii landing here with only $600...it's been quite the adventure, but I've really learned to TRUST in Spirit that everything will work itself out, to be open and to let life happen on it's own terms. But at the same time to constantly visualize what I need manifesting in a timely fashion and having faith my needs will be met...job, place to live etc

Everything has worked out fabulously and just gets better all the time....just trust that you are always where you're meant to be! Personally these times are the best because we literally have a clean slate to create a new life with, don't let fear of outcome factor into any situation and you'll be just fine! Remember, life is a stage in this holographic universe and we all create our own reality...

frank samuel
6th September 2010, 14:59
I started over so many times is not even funny. Each time I learn something new and part of my old self, the one that center around me, slowly faded as I look for new relationships and opportunities. Somehow when we are in a position which is not favorable because we lack the basics such as food , money and shelter the best of us comes out. By that I mean the soul searching becomes more intense and in those rare cherish moments the best of us comes out as the new adventure of the unknown, against all odds, makes us more determine than ever to go beyond ourselves and reach another plateau in our personal growth and development.

If your heart is in the right place you will have the greatest experiences you could ever imagine. Amidst the loneliness or whatever trial and tribulations you encounter if you remain strong and visualize all the good things that could happen in your life you will be pleasantly surprise . Many of the things that will happen will far exceed your expectations.

Many many blessings to you.:thumb:

11th September 2010, 23:13
Finally got some Wi-Fi access so just wanted to check in to say things are going good.

got a job packing in a warehouse and got a roof over my head in a shared house. Thanks for all the positive messages it made things look so much brighter when it all looked grim.


frank samuel
12th September 2010, 00:40
Finally got some Wi-Fi access so just wanted to check in to say things are going good.

got a job packing in a warehouse and got a roof over my head in a shared house. Thanks for all the positive messages it made things look so much brighter when it all looked grim.


Sentience that's great news I'm very happy to hear you're doing alright.

Many many blessings to you always.:thumb:

12th September 2010, 06:43
I'm glad you've landed in a safe place, Sentience. I've moved around and started over many times with few resources, but in retrospect, I know now that each move had a purpose and I found many good teachers and experiences along the way. It takes courage to "take flight", not knowing where you will land, but courage is worth having, and the more you use it, the more you have.
For women particularly, it is challenging to leave one's self exposed and vulnerable, but if you are on a spiritual path, there is always guidance and protection and the reward of personal growth.
I love this famous quote from Amelia Earhart:""Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace, The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things."
The books by Carlos Castenada about his mentor, don Juan and the group of men and women "spiritual warriors" who were his companions, and their many explorations into expanded consciousness, were very inspiring to me, if you like to read. There was controversy as to whether the books were true or not, but I always felt they were at least based on real people and experiences, and even if they weren't, I could imagine them as being real, which is almost as good...
Safe journeys to you!

12th September 2010, 07:28
Hello! After 911 I realized that I was unhappy in my job and where I was living and had done everything I could do to correct the situation. I realized that life was short and I should get on a better, more satisfying track ASAP while there was still time to make changes. I quit my good-paying executive job (I had never done this before without another job to go to) and left the country for an extended trip to the Andes in South America that I had always put off taking. Before I left on my trip I began searching for a new job on the web and I received a call from a prospective new employer who then interviewed me on the phone. At the end of the interview they invited me for an interview in person. I told them unfortunately I could not come because I was heading out of the country to Peru. They insisted that I call them from the airport as soon as my plane landed back in the US to schedule an in-person interview with them, which I ultimately did - I was offered the job on the spot and negotiated a higher paycheck during the course of that meeting. My take-away from this experience is that there are energetics at work in our lives at all times. Often nothing new can come into your life if there is no room life for it to enter - letting go and creating space inside yourself, especially if something is unpleasant but it is scary to leave - even for survival reasons, may be absolutely necessary to create the space for new and better things to come into your life. Now this is scary stuff and these have been scary times for some years now for people............I remember one night after I had decided to walk away from my job in a terrible economy post 911, waking up and my teeth were literally chattering in my sleep with fear......"what will happen to me?" I thought. "How will I take take of myself and manage all my responsibilities and pay my bills?" I was walking away from a good job with no prospects of employment in sight! "Was I nuts" I thought? But I continued on, gave notice and moved on. New and better things entered my life probably because I summoned the strength and courage from somewhere (I didn't know I had it in me) to LET GO.........and trust that I would be OK. And, I was, and AM still, today, OK. Not only that, I am in better shape mentally, physically and spiritually. Most importantly I learned that identifying and then following my deepest instincts is the best thing for me to do in this life. Sometimes, of course, doing nothing at all is also what should be done at that time. That was not one of those times for me. You have taken the leap and busted a move. Now you have to put your head in a place where you are calm and serene in the knowledge that just the right thing will come along for you, and you will be just fine.

Good luck and may fortune smile upon you.