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4th September 2010, 19:18

Meaning of the Revelations in the Bible.
2010 April 13
by wemustknow.koen
.J-seal Removal Healing Facilitation is a specialized method of permanently removing on all levels of ones’ multidimensional anatomy what are known as the 7 Unnatural Jehovian Seals and other unnatural seals and implants that are within our mind-body-spirit system. The Jehovian Seals are sometimes called the “death seals”, because if they are not cleared, they result in bodily deterioration and eventual physical death. They are located on the left side of the body, on what is called axiatonal line 7. Many people report physical problems in the exact areas where the seals are located and once they are removed, their health and experience of life improves significantly. These seals are talked about in many ancient texts, including the Revelations story in the Bible (explained below). The seals activate in response to Stellar Activation Cycles (happening now) and when the seals activate in the body, they can manifest in physical illness if they are not cleared. These seals are responsible for many of the pains and problem areas that people have on the left side of their body.

We have developed a way to quickly and permanently remove these J-seals, as well as many other unnatural implants and seals that have been inherited from distortions in the Earth’s grids. We have removed these unnatural seals from hundreds of people during healing sessions already with good results and have also taught many healing facilitators and others to be able to remove these seals themselves in our J-seal Removal Intensive Training course. In order to understand how these seals affect the body, it is first important to have knowledge of how distortions in the Earth’s grids affect us.

What are the Jehovian Seals and how were they created?