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5th December 2012, 09:07
'Electric-Shock Handcuffs' Could Also Administer Drugs To Detainees, Patent Application Shows...


Handcuffs which could deliver electric shocks, drugs and sedatives to people who are under arrest could be the future of law enforcement, after a US company applied for a patent on the device.

Scottsdale Inventions LLC made the application, according to the website Patent Bolt.

The system would outfit handcuffs with sensors including "accelerometers, potentiometer, inclinometer, biometric sensors and cameras" in order to tell the state, health and location of the person wearing them.

They would be able to deliver powerful electric shocks to detainees - after a warning light or noise lets the wearer know they're about to get fried - in order to physically restrain them without intervention by another person.

5th December 2012, 10:01
I've just read about this on David Icke's website.

Who the hell thinks these things up ???? Am I part of a different species or something ?? I just don't get it at all.

I mean, what does it say about the sentience of our species when the supposedly best brains (ha bloody ha) are all put to work developing more and more ways to maim, kill or torture people ??

Is there something wrong with me ??

Tarka the Duck
5th December 2012, 10:41
It just got worse.

This is a statement from Bill Colone, who is the CEO of Arizona Heart Innovative Technologies - Scottsdale Inventions is a side group of this company. He says he sees these as "dual purpose"...

The handcuffs were born out of an idea to control prisoners without drawing a gun. The cuffs have two probes embedded on the insides, which come into contact with the detainee’s wrists. A remote device that can work from up to 300 feet delivers a charge of up to 300 volts, which Colone said can be excruciating, but will not incapacitate the wearer.
The idea for a consumer version of the cuffs came from Colone getting swamped with ads for adult-oriented products during Web searches. He said it dawned on him that the proliferation of those ads might lead the company to another product — one that would allow consumers to play out their own version of “good cop, bad cop” behind closed doors.
The company plans to make and market a less powerful product, dubbed Funcuffs, to consumers, keeping stock on hand to ship through distributors or sell online.


As you say, Philip, I just don't get it :confused:

Nothing wrong with fun cuffs :o but I would be concerned about the ones that give a shock falling into the hands of those that get off on inflicting pain on others.


5th December 2012, 10:49
No, there is nothing wrong with you! I often wonder at the way people show so much pride in our technological advancement when so much of our effort is put into finding clever ways to kill people, or in this case to inflict cruelty or torture people. We really don't need so much technology to kill and torture and of course we COULD be using our technology to ease suffering in so many ways

5th December 2012, 11:20

I thought electric handcuffs looped through a ring in your nose would be better. And led around by a rope.

My first wife and I had a pair of funcuffs. That's what they were called.

5th December 2012, 14:41
Technology for human slavery. We will see soon "cool" documentaries with cops saving lives with those cuffs and the story will unfortunately be forgot. Discusting.

You are right, funcuffs are the only good cuffs I know.;)

5th December 2012, 15:45
That's my favorite term Tony! 'crazies'

A few days ago there was a story on the news; a man was stopped by the police, Baker acted, then tazed several times, then beat with billy clubs, then shot several times.

Here's the (one of the) problems with police in my city specifically: In order to work as a policeman/woman you must have at least a bachelors degree. When earning a bachelors degree you learn all sorts of things that you will absolutely never use as a policeman.

Once you are accepted into the police force, you get paid ****. Then of course you have to deal with assholes 24/7. That right there should predict the outcome of how well the job will be performed. Just recently their pensions were cut, so that should piss the cops off even more.


The police academy should be more intensive, more rigorous. The more intensive course can be funded by the recruits themselves, instead of paying it to a college they pay it to the academy. The recruits themselves need to be more thoroughly analyzed. It's okay if they have personal flaws - we all do - but they should be taught how to address them and manage their flaws for in the future when they flare up.

Serve and protect is complete bull****. I am literally wary of the young buff cops. I can see them now; working out at night, practicing their hip tosses and 1-2 combos. Fantasizing the day someone 'tries them'. Aching for an excuse to unload.

I absolutely agree they need to be stern, but not rude or holier than thou. About a month ago the cops were called at my friends apartment complex (suspicious black male: surprise, surprise). The cop walks up the stairs, stands in front of everybody, and flat out accuses them of selling/buying drugs.

Then they see the 'suspicious black male', aka, the neighbor. He is sober, and asking for AA batteries for his xbox. The cop immediately clicks on his radio and says "we got him." After searching his apartment they don't find anything. They did however manage to scare the **** out of his girlfriend and she went into a full on anxiety attack, to which they didn't care.

My buddy, 'suspicious black male', called the cops out for profiling (I'm so proud of him). You know what they said in response? The female officer says, "Oh what are we gonna raise the roof?" Then she gestured with the roof raising thing.

That's what I'm talking about. That's so messed up and 100% racist. Those are the human flaws that need to be worked out. They didn't apologize for anything. And didn't realize his oh so scary tattoos were of US founding fathers and civil rights heros.