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5th December 2012, 19:24

5th December 2012, 22:48
"The whole planet eats everything".

That's a John Urwin quote from this discussion with the Wise Women. His quote from George Bush 41's NWO speech regarding the "Law of the Jungle" vs. the NWO is appropriate, given where he is coming from. According to Urwin, the law of the jungle is natural law and the way it is supposed to be, as opposed to the plan the Elite have for the world and its people. It's also a bit difficult to follow because he never engages in narrative storytelling, stating that he's got to get it all "documented and in the proper order". I assume that means he's going to do a documentary soon. Some things he does share:

His insistence that the Elite are just extreme reflections of general human nature and that it's our neighbors that we really have to watch. That the Elite's plan for 2012 includes weather modification, earthquakes and wholesale destruction. That the population outliers, from birth defects to homosexuality are a function of overpopulation. That there is a multidimensional aspect to the Elite control matrix and that the 4 races of humanity originate on different planets. And, that the Jews are behind everything. They are the Elite and the controllers at every level of society.

His comments on the control matrix extending to wholesale population mind control, channeling and the New Age should resonate to people in this forum. He's very derisive of David Icke in particular, stating that he has accomplished nothing except distracting people from what's going on on the ground. I'd be interested in listening to his entire story once he decides to document it all so we can understand rather than just teasing as he did during this entire interview. There was not much new in this video, but his background gives his exhortations wind.

The wise women held their own for the "love and light" crowd, talking about love and oneness and ascension, but John laughed at it all and said it was mind control and that it's a jungle out there and continued to insist that we have to watch our neighbors, implicating jealousy, envy and hatred in a continuation of the world as it is until the Elite plan either comes to fruition or is foiled.

Definitely an interesting watch. When he completes his documentary I'd probably watch it.