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7th December 2012, 01:46
1,500+ Nazis brought to US after the War

CIA, MK-ULTRA, the Air Force, NASA...the US welcomed top Nazis after the war and gave them positions of responsibility.


As told by Bruce Gagnon


7th December 2012, 06:47
Thanks for this.
I read some stuff on their Uranverein, connection to CERN, the THOR/GLOCKE projects, RIESE, Area-51/Roswell incident, the Nazi Bell (Glocke) and Roswell, etc.
Weather balloons my arse.

And Einstein's light speed theories my arse. Tesla coulda kicked CERN's booty with a suitcase yet they still cling to Einstein's theories instead.

Project Paperclip and the vaccine program in the military.
Monarch and MKULTRA.
Dogs of Baphomet and other misuses of elite resources.
Modern Neonazism. You can tell something is wrong in USA and elsewhere.


7th December 2012, 10:02
It wasnt just the Americans who were keen to get hold some of the Reichs brightest scientists and technicians, after all, it is widely accepted that the Germans were significantly ahead of the allies in numerous scientific and military areas. Operation Paperclip may be the most widely known operation of its kind but the British had Operation Backfire and the Russians had Operation Osoaviakhim for the same purposes.

To be fair, reading an account of Werner Von Braun, it is clear that they were desperate not to fall into soviet hands and did everything they could to be captured by the Americans who they saw as their best bet at continuing research.

7th December 2012, 14:56
Operation Barbarossa, wasn't that Russia's Nazi HUNTING program?
What was ours?

They didn't much enjoy what the Nazis did to the city of Odessa... imo they would have killed more Nazis than USA who funded and inspired them.

8th December 2012, 06:20
Well, given that the cabal bankrolled Hitler, and encouraged the "final solution" to ensure the creation of the state of Israel, is it surprising? Hitler's regime was a trail run for the International socialism of the NWO. In the Hegelian Dialect of world affairs, where thesis and antithesis is resolved to synthesis, we have the constructs of capitalism and communism as thesis and antithesis, and we have the International socialism of the NWO as the synthesis. Both capitalism and communism are contructs of the cabal. Capitalism is easy to see, but when we consider that Lenin and Trotsky (and Hitler for that matter) were trained and financed by Wall St heavy-hitters, it becomes clear the mechanations that gone on thus far to drive us to the slavery of the NWO (the 1/14th of us that they plan to let live that is).

The good news is: their power is on the wane - it is unnatural and unsupportable. There is a reality to the whole 2012 phenomenon that we can feel once we have penetrated through the fluff and disinformation. It is quite simple: we are one, and our true nature is to love. The positive and negative poles upon which physical reality are hung are two parts of the trinity of the all, the third part being the only true source of power: love.

Fear, and we lose - Love, and we win. Simple. It doesn't matter what "they" do, they have already lost, and "they" know it. Our role is to remain in love, and to forgive "them".

9th December 2012, 01:53
General Patton's entire thrust deep into Nazi Territory, at the end of the war... was about capturing the technology and the scientists.

It was actually far more than 1500. Closer to 7000 scientists. who ended up keeping their original internal military organization in perfect operation, among themselves......

Joseph P. Farrell wrote about, what..... 4-5 books?... That end up having this as a centerpiece component.

I'm talking about 5 books filled with evidence, and corroborating data, all properly shown, detailed, properly utilized and backed. Not one single slip.

Start here, the easy part. Later on the rabbit hole gets very deep and ugly:


I've read enough on the subject, that I could practically write books on the subject. I still have my "Secret weapons of the the Third Reich' book that I bought in my early teens. That's 35 years of interest in this subject.

9th December 2012, 02:31
Thanks for the gizadeathstar link, Carmody. Revealing one of the information stashes. He has a Cultural Transition vid there at a 4:41 of time. I thought Tsarion held the record for long vids. Wrong!

9th December 2012, 02:49
Interesting post , thank you for posting this. I right away triggers me to also post and connect a few more dots here.

First of all Hitler was brought to power by The Society of Jesus , the fact of the matter is that the SS was formed just like the hierarcy in The jesuit order , Adolf Hitler said about Heinrich Himmler: I see in Himmler our Ignatius Loyola.
Ignatius Loyola was a Spanish Nobel from a wealthy family and an ex Los Alumbrados Member (The Enlightened Ones / Founded in 1491) and he founded the Society of Jesus (Which looks alot like The Order of Christ / Portugal) The Society of Jesus was cofounded by Francis Borgia (Papal bloodline) and he was the Grandson of Pope Alexander Borgia who had ties with King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen isabella (who funded Christopher Columbus with gold taken from the sephardic jews when they were being expelled in 1492) well i'm going to far off...

anyway it also seems that the book Mein Kampf was never written by Hitler , it was written Jesuit Abbe Barruel and signed by Hitler ! Also know that the idea of the Concentration camps came from the Native American Reservates.

Again keep in mind that WW2 was designed in 1871 by Jesuit Controled Albert Pike , 2 of these wars exactly happend according their agenda's all through High level Freemasonry , The Vatican Knighthoods and Jesuits.



The Vatican Ratlines , this is the connection i believe to Project Paperclip



i have a stack of almost 1000 videos , i'm glad i can share them , i hope you feel the same way about it..

This is an excellent website.