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27th March 2010, 00:19
Why did this Pope/Vatican story of child abuse break now?


Was the Vatican about to release information on the:

a) Banking scandal

b) Alien Disclosure

c) The Israel/Iran War proposals

d) All or some of the above

27th March 2010, 00:22
from what I have been reading there is a major investigation going on in Spain (30 something cases?) that is bringing all of this out and because the pope was implicated (when he wasn't the pope yet) so it is big news

THE eXchanger
27th March 2010, 00:27
yup, one side of the ring of weasels, is going to turn on the other side, and, they will all collapse ;)

27th March 2010, 00:39
Here in Italy, these stories have been coming around for years now..much more frequently, though. There has been a lot of coverage of the cases in Ireland and now this..

Hmm...interesting to ponder "why" the scandal "now"... thanks. Looks like you might be right, Susan!

THE eXchanger
27th March 2010, 01:39
there is a list of 41 videos here


Humble Janitor
27th March 2010, 02:49
I doubt Ratzo and crew would bring about disclosure. They'd probably disclose their love for little boys over aliens.

27th March 2010, 02:57
It goes along with the evolution of consciousness. Many covered infamy will come out to light in a near future and the Churches aren't exception. Behind the materialized life, there is a spiritual conflict which manifest into our world.

The crescendo of culminating clashes between Evolution and Devolution will reach its climax soon. In this time, we, the casters of realities, will set up the camps. The churches, the religions, the governments, the scientific community, the military complex, the pharmaceutical industries, the international agencies, the multinational industries, and the secret societies will all be poured by a light of consciousness that will make all of them appear in their true nature for all to see. We are living a time of unique awakening of consciousness and it will profoundly shape our course.

No wonder why they desperately try to redirect our focus on futility and victimhood. Worthless efforts, even their so well built plan on the pandemic is crumbling into dust. They simply can not stop the Universe. Nor an awakening mass of strong focused people.

The Spirit is strong! And the future is in our Heart and Soul.

The Vatican will rip what it sowed... Universal Laws at work.

Namaste, Steven

27th March 2010, 12:30
I agree with you Steven, as humanity raises its conscioussness, even if the group of people awakening may not be that meaningfull in numbers, the morphogenetic field or unified field changes and aligns with realities that no support deception, deceit and unkindness. It is just natural that things are comming to light that shake the status quo.

We ourselves are reviewing what we believe constantly and replacing it for what we know to be truth.

It is my impression that rather than going into a witch hunt, which will slow the process of the revealing, we can forgive and align with a yet higher outcome, a higher and more evolved paradigm

I have been studiying a lot about probabilities and aligments and it is all about what we believe, and better still what we know to be thruth. When we put energy in misaligned frequencies we feed them so the solution I found may be to accept what is happening with detachment while holding on our goal of freedom in our heart


27th March 2010, 13:23
I was going on the theory that TPTB have the goods on each person who has an upper case title in the world. Whether that be deviant sexual behavior, financial fraud or some other activity that can bring them down.

That's how they are kept in check. This is why I asked the "Why."

There must be a reason "why" they are pursuing and implicating The Pope now as oppose to any other time it could have come out.

Sorry for being so cynical with the premise.

27th March 2010, 16:08
In my country (the Netherlands) hundreds of cases have been reported, in the last few weeks, of child abuse within the Catholic Church...\

Finally the truth is coming out now...

27th March 2010, 16:10
For over ten years Stuart Wilde has written about the visions he has had regarding the abuse of children and black magic practices in the Catholic Church. Here are two articles, one by the Church's chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth that seems to back up Stuart's claims. Stuart also has a major prediction about the present pope being eventually discovered to be a paedophile. All will be revealed in due course of time. Its about time. Amen!

Chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth says Devil is in the Vatican

Pope knew about Church abuse all along?

27th March 2010, 16:20

When I saw this picture, I had a sense of pure evil.

Sorry for the bad formatting in this post, I cannot figure out how to post pictures.