View Full Version : A question i would like to ask regarding dreams?

10th December 2012, 20:11
hi all,

just a question i would like answered or if anyone has experienced the below at all?

Before i go to sleep i always like to watch something on my pc.

This can be normal tv shows such as big bang theory, walking dead etc, or sometimes i watch talks or documentries on spiritualism, echart tolle stuff etc...

If i watch normal tv shows i fall asleep very comfortably, have dreams but never rememberthem much, all in all a good sleep...

If i watch the spiritualism stuff, every time i have very vivid dreams so vivid i can sometimes can become conscious that i am dreaming and do extraordinary stuff like flying etc, i can even have the dreams whilst still hearing the person talking on my pc if that makes sense... I also seem to have a little fear feeling when trying to get to sleep when i watch this stuff?

Has anyone experienced this before or does anyone have any explanation as to why his happens?

Thanks :)

10th December 2012, 20:14
Yes, I've experienced some of the same thing. But can't explain it...I was in fear of sleeping for 2 months. I'm just now back to being ok but am on some medicine as it got so severe.

10th December 2012, 20:20
This sounds like someone is trying to tell you something. If you are experiencing what you say then what is stopping you from pursuing the phenomena? Fear?
You seem ready for a good out of body experience, so try to read up on it, there are many threads here on Avalon about it, and try to remain calm and wide awake.
Welcome to reality.

10th December 2012, 21:08
the subconscious can sink amazing stuff, dream parts sinking with external events [pc talking]
its also from this amazing sinking ability [/essentially timing, as people can tell themselves when they want to wake up],
especially the flowing thought threads,
that feelings of panic overwhelming can eventually build hence mds
if u feel unease, it may be that one of your energy bodies (sum: physical, emotional, etheric[charkras, aura], spiritual) is feeling a panic --an unbalance,
find out what it is, trust that you can yield the answer to yourself.

all sounds fine, ..don't know much about actual astral traveling
but flying dreams sound fun. its like a good game that you have to play over again, to experience novel elements of the overall whole

10th December 2012, 21:12
Thatīs the difference between entertainment and learning.

The first is just meaningless information thatīs useful just to pass time.

The second is useful information that you may use to construct knowledge, so your brain uses several resources during sleep to process them properly, including dreaming.

10th December 2012, 21:56
Thank you all for your reply's - i have read up on astral travel before - i have had a couple of experiences where it felt like it was being pulled from my body, i could even feel the sensation in my stomach areas, but the fear took over and i fought to wake up...

maybe i will watch more spiritual stuff tonight and see where i go :) thanks all :)

11th December 2012, 01:36
Any video or movie you watch, or any novel you read, and so on, keeps replaying itself in your subconscious mind for two or three days after. Your subconscious mind keeps looking at what overall insights it can gain from the material. In your dreams you kind of do whatever's necessary to get it out of your system.

The fact that you go OB travelling just because your mind has some attention on the phenomenon suggests you're a natural. One thing I've been learning lately is that many people OB travel much more effectively and more often than they remember. Much as we don't remember what most of our dreams were about, I've become convinced that by the time they've woken up in the morning people similarly tend to forget all about some of the OB travel they did -- and I mean did lucidly.

11th December 2012, 03:26
Hi Mark,

Fitful would discribe how I sleep after exposure to a new energy, significant person or experience. There is no fear or astral travel for me though.

11th December 2012, 07:52
I've got something similair, but most of the times with me it happens when I smoke Pot.
It's like I get more sensitive for these kinda things.
The same like you, that I can fly and some times, even my whole bed vibrates and it feels like I'm surrounded by people and voices.
It's reaaaally scary, but I want it to happen, I'm open to all this new stuff, but still you're scared of it, scared of what's going to happen and if these influences are good or evil.

I think it's maybe your pineal gland that's opening at that point, allowing you to experience more then "the average life".

I hope this helped you a bit ;)
Thank you for sharing your story and enjoy the rest of your day :)