View Full Version : Contacting Tru TV About Conspiracy Theory's Time Placement

11th December 2012, 01:04
Hi guys, don't know if any of you are interested in following suit, but I had to contact Tru TV about the pitiful placement of Conspiracy Theory on late night Monday nights.

I thought if we don't complain we may never see anymore of Bills and Kerry's shows.

I almost told them this was a conspiracy.

If you feel so moved, go to contact us, click on Conspiracy Theory and submit your message.


Why in the world would you move a great, interesting show such as Conspiracy Theory to 11:00 on late Monday nights. What are you possibly thinking? I know it has a great following and receives great ratings for your station. This was so misguided, I ask you to reconsider its placement to prime time. sincerely, Susan