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11th December 2012, 18:14
Aspiring Ascendants,

I did a search for any post on this topic to avoid redundancy.

Even if you don't believe in channeled information, like I don't for the most part, I'm inviting each of you to at least participate in a world-wide meditation on 12/12/12 to help usher in the world of peace that we all desire, aka, the Golden Age of peace, aka, the ascension into the 4th dimension.

In this link...


... the channel, James Tyberonn, has channeled some really interesting information of an event that is purported to be really powerful with some well-known names in attendance, to wit:

We will also tell you that several of the featured speakers at the 12-12-12 including:

John Van Auken,

Graham Hancock,

Dr Semir Osmanagich,

Tyberonn and

John Jenkins were highly esteemed senior members of the Atlantean scientist priest, the Atla-Ra of the Law of One.

All of their presence will add an immediately recognizable energy of sacred ‘reunion’, and that will be sensed and felt among all of the Atlanteans of the spiritual Law of One.

My ex-GF, who is very intelligent and an accomplished intuitive, has seen these names associated with this event on other sites, so she's confirmed that those dudes will be there. I hope that there would be women speaking at this event, too. She said that Tyberonn felt that this 12/12/12 activation is more important than the 12/21/12 date. Perhaps? What do I know?

Ideally, I'd be at a hot spring in the Sierras at the moment of the 12/12/12 activation, but it's going to be snowing with treacherous roads, so my current, personal plan is to go to a local rock shop and find a good Arkansas crystal, cleanse it (running water from a spring and a salt bath) and use it to connect with the purported Atlantean crystals in Arkansas.

Arkansas is in the Central Time Zone with this event happening at 12:12pm, local time, so please take note of your own time zone relative to this event.

If this thing is for real, I want to at least do my small part in participating in it. Even if you did not believe this kind of woo-woo event, at least you could consider participating with several other thousand people in a synchronized meditation to help usher in the world of peace, yes?

It's a proven fact that a group of people meditating together in a synchronized fashion can trigger positive changes in the world. The Maharishi Effect is a well-known example and David Wilcock has mentioned this effect many times in his radio appearances, as well in his free eBooks, to wit:



And on a more positive note, the highly well-crafted “Maharishi effect” experiment showed that while a large group of trained people meditated together in a major city, the amount of violent events in that city noticeably declined.


Again, what we are fundamentally seeing with this effect is that there is a medium that human consciousness travels through; and indeed, it may be the very formation of that consciousness as well. In an aetheric model, this movement could simply be seen as what we have defined as Love: “Love is the tendency for entities within the Unified Field, whether human, “particle” or otherwise, to increasingly radiate Harmonic Unity, through vibrational motion.”

So, will you please consider participating in this event? And will you please consider re-posting this OP in other forums, as well as to send it out by emails to your own personal contacts?


11th December 2012, 18:19
Oh yeah, there will be meditation!

11th December 2012, 19:55
Thank you so much for this information.

I was born in Arkansas, and went back for a visit in 2006. The elementary school where I attended first grade is still in use, 50 years later.

I will be participating in this meditation, harmonic, vibrational event.

11th December 2012, 21:15
Count me in!

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

Earth Angel
11th December 2012, 22:21
sounds like a plan.....I am sure there are lots of meditations planned for tomorrow at 12:12 .....:thumb:

12th December 2012, 09:30
the 12th and 21st are nine days separated from each other
numerically a mirror of each other

12th December 2012, 14:08
Ascension of Earth and humankind

Love is the catalyst for Creation

The human body is a magnetic pole within the spectrum of Light and shadow or within the positive and negative forces of cosmic electromagnetic energy. The physical vessel is a complex organism which contains the Essence elements of all the lower dimensions: mineral, vegetable and animal, as well as the Stardust elements of Creator Light.

You are fine-tuning your Inner Awareness so that you quickly garner the wisdom that is to be derived from the events of the moment. You are gradually beginning to sense the serenity and the magic of the higher dimensions as you weave in and out of the different levels and harmonic frequencies of consciousness.

Beyond 2012 – An Etheric Gathering on 12-12-12

13th December 2012, 01:08

Less than a hour and half until the next worldwide meditation event. Any participants here?

13th December 2012, 02:34