View Full Version : Ringing cedar of Siberia pendant/necklace anyone?

14th December 2012, 01:01
So are these things for real,are they as good as its claimed,i am really curious about this i found this stuff for sale for only 7.50 and i find it hard to believe that something thats made out of a 400 year old tree would be so cheap,if its as powerful as its claimed to be,so i am asking does anyone here has one of these do they really work,or is this like the placebo effect psychological effect type of thing?Also if whoever is making these things is just using regular cedar that isnt 400 years old or more then this is one hell of a cashcow business model wouldnt you think?Please share your thoughts i am looking forward to see what you folks think about this !!

14th December 2012, 01:56
The West coast of Canada used to be full of 500 - 1000+ year old Cedar trees. Giant, gorgeous magnificent specimens of life that now you can only see in old B&W photos of the proud loggers standing behind their behemoth "kill". The lust for money destroyed it all .... Bye Bye west coast old growth ..

That said, Cedar, to me is a magical wood. The scent invigorating, the wood does not rot. It truly is an amazing species of tree.

The old growth cedar in the mountains around the Revelstoke BC area are equally impressive. A grove of these giant cedars can uptake hundreds of tons of water per day and release it into the air which creates the cedar grove's own climate zone, in which all kinds of very unique plants and animals will spring up all around and within.

Near Revelstoke there is a boardwalk park area within one of these groves ... absolutely mind blowing ....

One of my favorite trees of all time ;)



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14th December 2012, 02:26
There are some magical places in Siberia - and some incredible woodwork to be seen. For sure there may be some good energy in this even if it isn't as old as they say.

Anyway, you're not paying for the wood itself, the piece is too small to have any value even if it is 400 years old. I used to do some woodworking and a 200-400 year old piece of timber is not as precious as you may think. So, I would just buy it - at least you're helping out a craftsman somewhere.

14th December 2012, 06:05
I had one for a couple of years when I got the first 6 books of the Ringing Cedars series. Dont know if it was a placebo effect or not but I liked wearing it. Felt nice rubbing it and it smelled good. It comes on string threaded through a small hole so when the string finally gave way I didnt throw it a way but it eventually disappeared somewhere. Always thought about getting another.

14th December 2012, 09:41
Some say that itīs not adding anything to you, but in a way accumulates and focuses your own energy. I guess a lot of materials can do that too..:confused:

14th December 2012, 12:11
IMO $7.50 pendants will be fakes. Most things in Russia are fakes and sell for cheap prices.