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15th December 2012, 04:06
Hey all! It's been a long time since I've been around these parts. I joined Project Avalon all the way back when it launched on September 2nd, 2008. I remember the day very clearly. Some of you may have remembered how I shared my insights into alternative science and free energy alot. Well things have taken up a notch for me. I've since got to sit down with Marko Rodin, Nassim Haramein, and David Sereda to discuss my ideas and show them my work.

I've been working on a Tesla tower for the past year as well as perfect Marko's Rodin Coils in a entirely new fashion as I've taken the vortex math above and beyond.

So the big idea now is to make a narrative film that involves a fellowship (based off the enneagram) to complete and rebuild the Tesla tower. I am looking for any support for this project what so ever. I made a dynamic 6 minute video for the kickstarter. I hope you enjoy. Thank you all for carrying the light!


You can also learn more about my work @ thoughtrevolution.info (http://www.thoughtrevolution.info)

15th December 2012, 05:33
Hello Everyone: I am interested in the purpose of building the Tower? After reading about the project from what I understand it's the peoples energy (money) that will bring this project to fruition. With all energy freely given what is the purpose of building the tower if only for a DVD? Are the plans of the Tower going to be on the DVD for everyone to build one in their backyard?
Will the Towers all link together across the World once the projects energy is put into the DVD?
Do people have the option to ride the wave of energy by accepting Free Energy without putting their energy (money) into the project?
Will people's energy (money) from Project Avalon and other forums etc. be only for the Tower in New York?
Thanks for the answers

15th December 2012, 15:17
Gregor. will you please construct a table top model with plans and circuit diagram available then demonstrate an application with voltage and wattage?

15th December 2012, 15:43
No - you are wrong all over - reconsider
P.S. - this is my answer to Gregor