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7th September 2010, 17:27
Hi Guy's,

This is just a little thread to show some of the Chemtrails that we have been hit with in belfast recently.

This is getting heavy duty over here. My wife, who is not into this at all, has even commented on just how much of these that there are.

I will upload more pictuers when I take them, on my odd day off. Or, when we are not getting rained on (which is not very often!).

7th September 2010, 17:35
some more pictures. I have some of the "x" iamages, I am looking on pc for them.

7th September 2010, 17:41
I think this is one of the X Chemtrails.

I will defo get all the images and post here for those who are interested.

7th September 2010, 18:27
first, Hi to you'n yours ;)

Next I have two comments re. post #2, pic #2.

1. My god!! You can actually see crap falling from the trail! Amazing pic!
2. Close your damned windows!!!!

As always, my best,

7th September 2010, 21:36
first, Hi to you'n yours ;)

Next I have two comments re. post #2, pic #2.

1. My god!! You can actually see crap falling from the trail! Amazing pic!
2. Close your damned windows!!!!

As always, my best,

Hi Frede,

Hoping you are very well.

It is crazy just how much of this we are getting hit with at this moment in time. Massive, Massive daily hits on us. I have noted alot of people waking up here mind you, which is great in it's self.

Bryn ap Gwilym
7th September 2010, 22:02
irishspirit, Shwmae

You maybe interested in this pics & video(s)?
I'm not that far from you.

These are just two to keep you going. I have contacted a good few members of government about this & nothing.


7th September 2010, 22:24
Those nasty chemtrails, anyway.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Just the other day, I was leaving a park out in the countryside when I noticed a pretty strange contrail. I watched two, large, white jets, flying at a medium altitude, side by side, and at the same speed. Strange thing was, only one of the jets left a contrail. I was able to take a picture from my iPhone, not of the best quality, but the trail is still visible.

Now, this certainly punches a hole in the conventional argument against "chemtrails." Both planes were at the same height, flying side by side; but only one left a trail. It wasn't the normal contrail that dissipates within a minute or so; it was the good ol' "persistent contrail" we see so often in the sky.

Makes you wonder what's going on.

concerned square
8th September 2010, 00:10

8th September 2010, 00:30
I like to pass this one around as much as possible. It's one of the most comprehensive sites on Chemtrails that I've run across.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and go to as many links as you can stand. Also read as many stories under each photograph that you have time for. Bookmark the site and show it to your friends.

This is a good site to show to the disbelievers.... it's loaded with evidence....


9th September 2010, 18:58
Hi irishspirit
I'm in the munster region and the chemtrail activity here in the last two weeks was the worst i've seen to date.
There was a documentary film on RTE 2 on sunday night called best evidence examining the chemtrail phenomenon.
It looked at both sides, i.e. the average joe v scientists with lots of fancy equipment. A hit piece if ever i saw one.
Can you get RTE in Belfast?

Hi concerned square,

The whole copuntry seems to be getting hit hard. Everywhere I am going they are there. I was in Dublin yesterday for a business trip and the place was a buzz with them.

Shcoking that so many people do not understand what is going on. But thankfully, I see alot of pweople up here starting to question them. People who obnce called me mad now ask for more info and web sites to reseacrh.


thankyou for the links, those where some amazing pics.

And videos where top quaility.

Be safe

Irish spirit.

9th September 2010, 22:27
My daughter and I went thru quite a lot of this site and it’s absolutely horrifying. What confuses me the most is that we ALL breathe the same air.
What exactly are TPTB breathing? Or government officials and their own relatives and loved ones? Or the military that is behind the spraying?
Are they all freakin’ insane?
Or is there some type of 'anti-venom/vaccine' type thingy that protect's them.
It never ceases to amaze me that here in the 21st century, with all this technology…we are still hurting and killing people.
I’m all for gathering up all the worlds military/government/industrial mental midgets (that haven’t managed to evolve beyond the caveman stage) and put THEM into all those lovely concentration camps they’ve built,
The rest of us will be safe and they can have a wonderful time beating their chests and trying to one up each other. When they get too out of hand we can raid the drug company stockpiles and just medicate the mean out of them.

Sorry to dump all this negativity on you good folks…but sometimes it really does get a bit overwhelming!

How do you all manage to keep current without totally screwing up your own evolving?
That is such a struggle for me.
I need to go breath and meditate now.