View Full Version : Deadly explosion hits Mexico oil refinery

7th September 2010, 21:45
MONTERREY, Mexico An explosion ripped through a major refinery in northern Mexico on Tuesday, killing at least one worker, state oil company Pemex said.

Local media in northern Mexico reported that seven people had died in the explosion at Pemex's Cadeyreta complex, Mexico's most sophisticated oil refinery and the country's third largest, with a capacity of 275,000 barrels per day.

"We felt the windows shake. It was only a few seconds, but the whole building shook," said Jose Luis Garza, a government employee in Juarez, about 20 minutes from the refinery.


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yet another explosion on a oil refinery.

We have had that many "accidents" in this past few months taht it is becoming scary.

7th September 2010, 23:10
Makes me wonder. Is some one trying to bleed mother earth dry of oil?
Also, if we indeed reinhabit the earth after this klondike, then, does the oil
researves also replenish themselves, umm, if not then are we not buggering
up the next life existence before we even get there????