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8th September 2010, 03:20
I believe we are responsible for our decisions now. Be in the present. We do co-create our own future, and our karma returns to us. We are responsible for our karma. Recently, I have listened to some Dolores Cannon interviews and I find them interesting.

Around ~ 2012, she mentions the splitting of earth, I'm not totally sure of my personal buy-in, but I'm totally open to listen to her ideas. I have never thought of the theory that earth will split into 2 earths, with people of corresponding vibrations assigned to each earth. One earth with the higher positive vibration, and one with the lower negative vibration.

She has mentioned in other interviews that people may find people missing and comment, "She died without knowing what happened."

Does she conclude that some of us will die in order to be ascended beings, while those left behind,have no idea what happened to others? What do you think after viewing her work? This is only a 10 min. interview sample. Please pursue additional material on you tube.


8th September 2010, 05:12
I have listened to several interviews of Cannon, and she is very interesting. I have heard very similar stories from other channelers, clairvoyants and "prophets". Cannons words are not really revolutionary but very interesting that she gets it through hypnosis, and that she has been working way before the new wave age in the eighties came over us.

For example Almine has very much the same narrative, but in her version the events already have happened. The world split in two and some where left behind suffering all kinds of hardships and disasters. Yet a few years later events took place that brought the old earth and the new earth together again, and there no longer a world left behind. The people left on the old earth are now walking among us, I'm not shore if its' through incarnation or something else. Seeing the future is an alternative view and the narratives often take a dream like form, where the natural laws in place here on earth doesn't apply to a very large degree.

10th September 2010, 01:22
Thank you for your input silverlightning. I do not know of Almine. Can I find info on the web?

10th September 2010, 08:09
Another wish full thinking , there is no earth split. there is press play and reset coming soon.
There are 2 choices you ether change or your soul will go some where else.

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.
In other words I know it is a unique time and it will not be repeated.