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iceni tribe
8th September 2010, 19:19
in ian crane's newsletter ,their is a letter from artist dave dees, it looks like his artwork has really got under the skin of a few so called players in the game ,and have given the order to put the frightener's on dave.
please take the time to read dave's letter.


i myself have used dave's artwork on a custom project and boy does it get a reaction ,either it's good one or a get in a heated discussion/argument.
it's on my page if you care to look.

from this sad episode i hope dave's artwork goes mainstream and global.


9th September 2010, 16:43
I know the feeling. I had no idea that Dave lived in Sweden. That explains the connection I sensed when I was writing articles based on published information on the whole Bush Clan thing, and putting 'two and two together'. then the articles or postings I put together were done about 48-72 hours apart. They were both bits of speculation and fact tied together and 'hit the nail right on the head' more times than not. That particular board was chock full of what one would call the 'praetorian guard' of the Republican wanna-be rich(er) set of people. Basically the footsoldiers and pushers of the agenda who were and are foolish enough to believe the lies pushed. The $100k+ car driving crowd of war supporters etc. I did this day, after day, after day, for about 2 months. I started it and continued it in a thread based on 'god bless our US soldiers/patriots in Iraq'. This was back in late 2005. I kept saying, oh yeah? --here's some truth. They kept giving me a hard time as I did not provide sources for all the information..so one day, I put about a dozen links into the one story so you could follow the logic. So I was hitting the republican monied base hard, right were they live. This was not appreciated, as you might imagine.

What kept happening, is that the story I'd do or put together, would end up being .....the opening David Dee's image for Rense.com. The particular board in question is based in...Sweden, and the board owners are 100% against the whole US republican/fascist thing, whether it be in Republican or democrat disguise-or not. Oh yeah, I covered those stories as well..the base connections between the 'camps' and how it was an illusion, and I illustrated with facts. I wondered what the Rense connection to Sweden was. Now I know. After one particularly interesting bout or four on the whole issue, I one day had a self proclaimed ( I asked him who he was) 'Web designer for the United States Defense Industry' come to my office and basically silently say, "Hi, we see you", and that was enough for me, for the day.

I get the helicopter visits and the other bits every now and then.

The thing about conflicts, in what ever shape they come...you always lose your best first, as they have to 'hold the line' and go down--- before people even begin to wake up. That's the way it's always been and will continue to be, in some form or another.

The hardest part is to get people to realize that the world they think they were raised in is and has always been an illusion, and the have to, for the larger part, die inside, to make that mental 'flip'. And they'd rather do many other things and ignore much of the real world in order to hold onto that illusion.

One important part from advertising and marketing: You never 'preach to the pew', or beseech the already converted. Don't waste your time or energy. Always go to where the uninformed exist, and nowhere else.This is very important. Recall that people, like herd animals, tend to seek the comfort and safety of the middle of the herd, places where they feel comfortable and safe. Those are the places you have to go to. To bring the whole thing front and center to their lives, right in the middle of their house.

Which is why the postings I made were so effective and why their reaction was so strong. I was making a important part of their support base wobbly.

Another important bit. This is ultra critical. You must never use even one single bit of harshness, swearing, or hard emotions in any post, ever. No capitalization of words or passages, not even once.

The moment you do that even once, you loose your target audience. Period. The above point was related to me by a university multi-year debating champion for an entire country, so do not ignore this advice about what it takes to reach people. If you take a few seconds to think about it, you understand that he is exactly correct. You need to put your emotions away when posting and do it 100% clean.... so the target audience keeps reading..........

If you 'go to boil' before the information gets inside of them, they will never be able to analyze the information which is going to be highly emotional for them. it will never be able to get into their minds, as the emotional angle of your postings will give them emotional egress to not pay attention to your 'obviously insane rantings'.

You need to be "The Sheeple Whisperer".

Always remain collected, calm, rational, and that way the words will get inside of them so they can calmly consider your points, as then they can ruminate and think (the critical thing they need to be doing). They can then go to a boil all on their own. That is the best resulting situation that is possible.

Recall that the organized opposition is very careful with these points of making sure they keep the rational seeming 'upper hand' in these internet board exchanges where their given 'agent provocateur' is situated.