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6th January 2013, 23:02
Found this artical and thought it was worth a post.

Archeologists have conducted a new survey of the famed Roman shipwreck that originally gave us the Antikythera Mechanism, discovering the size of the wreck to be double what was previously discovered, and contains more of the same calcified objects that produced the geared mechanism - indicating more such mechanisms may be retrieved.

Ancient artifacts resembling the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient bronze clockwork astronomical calculator, may rest amid the Roman shipwreck that yielded the device in 1901.

Marine archaeologists report they have uncovered new secrets of the shipwreck famed for yielding an amazingly sophisticated astronomical calculator. An international survey team says the ship is twice as long as originally thought and contains many more calcified objects amid the ship's lost cargo.

At the Archaeological Institute of America meeting in Seattle, marine archaeologist Brendan Foley, will report on the first survey of Greece's famed Antikythera island shipwreck since 1976. The ancient Roman shipwreck was lost off the Greek coast around 67 BC, filled with statues and the famed astronomical clock.

"The ship was huge for ancient times," Foley says. "Divers a century ago just couldn't conduct this kind of survey but we were surprised when we realized how big it was. The (objects) may just be collections of bronze nails, but we wont know until someone takes a look at them".


Bronze Statue and Mechanism

Maybe they will find other objects that will resemble the famous mechanism or something totally different.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/01/03/antikythera-shipwreck-survey/1804353/