View Full Version : 22 years old genius producer tells very interesting things

16th January 2013, 22:42
22-year old German director, Kaleb Lechowski, has created a science-fiction based short film, R'ha that has grabbed the attention of Hollywood.

Kaleb Lechowski didn't have the cash to create his short using the typical process, so Over a seven month period Kaleb directed, wrote and animated the short "R'Ha" that features two alien worlds at war with each other.


17th January 2013, 07:22
Nicely done and an original little movie. It has a great story, good characters (I love to see a good imaginative alien and he has TWO of them). I hope this guy gets enough money somehow to enable him to make the sort of movies he is obviously capable of doing in the future.

Thanks for sharing it Tangri.

Nanoo Nanoo
17th January 2013, 11:22
Very cool :-)

17th January 2013, 13:29
The future doesn't look to promising. :faint: :noidea: :help: :ban: :bs: :rapture: