View Full Version : Demand A Plan? Celebrity HYPOCRITES!

16th January 2013, 23:16
Hypocrite celebrities and their anti-gun agenda. Can you see through the lies yet?
***Warning*** graphic/explicit content is used.

Don't say, "Demand a plan for gun violence", when Hollywood glorifies gun violence. It is hypocritical.


Talk about double standards!

16th January 2013, 23:41
ANY person that gets paid to do exactly what they advocate against is the lowest form of being in existence.

They deserve the exact KARMA they will and DO receive in this life or the next.

Sell outs and whores.

16th January 2013, 23:47
I agree, this type of behavior is one of the things that is really destroying societies, nations, and possibly even this planet.

It's sickening....

16th January 2013, 23:59
"Enough!" [of that bs] is indeed the word here.

17th January 2013, 00:05
These folks are mercenaries...Theyīll do whatever they get payed to do, and I donīt doubt for a second that they were payed to do this anti-gun video as well.

Iīve never seen any of these actors refusing to be part of a movie because it goes against their moral values... In fact, they sell their moral values at the moment they sign a contract; Itīs part of the package.

Wanna be an activist? Then you have to walk the talk. Iīll eat my socks if one of these folks ever refuse to make a movie because of its violent content.

As crazy as it sounds, some female actors refuse to make some movies because they require them to show their sanctified naked body parts...But hey, if they need to blow up some peopleīs heads in a movie, then thatīs no problem...ok...Come on...

People might even argue something like "take it easy, its their job, nothing personal"...Ok, one of the biggest reasons the world is so messed up is because people dissociate their jobs with their personal moral responsibilities...

A mafia thug kills people, because itīs his job. Scientists all over the world develop weapons of mass destruction because itīs their job, nothing personal...Nothing personal...A soldier goes to the other side of the world to kill innocent people...Nothing personal...A bank manager liquidates someoneīs mortgage...Nothing personal.

Everything is personal! Weīre persons, not robots!

Man, this kind of hypocrisy is unacceptable.

17th January 2013, 00:06
There could have been so many more clips spliced in too...

I could never make a video like that; this is clear manipulation: using celebrity to sell an idea (by passing thought and rationality & leveraging the tribal trust mechanism that all celeb.s leverage in advertising to make money).

It's manipulation at such a fundamental level it's basically mental rape.

These folks are mercenaries...Theyīll do whatever they get payed to do, and I donīt doubt for a second that they were payed to do this anti-gun video as well.

I wonder if they were, as a public figure doing something like this just gives you publicity so even with out pay it's a "payment" of sorts...

17th January 2013, 00:57
Here's some more good stuff ...

A small group of people claiming to be with an anti-gun movement, went around to put up "Gun Free Home" signs in the lawns of some of these journalists, etc ... hilarious, no one was willing to put up a sign and many had armed guards! LOL!


17th January 2013, 01:22
The same dark power that pulls the strings in most of the government is the same that has long controlled hollywood.

I see Obama and gang getting together severe gun restriction and more abuse of powers, setting the board for another "national emergency" or "national tragedy".

When Obama addressed the nation today he said he cannot implement sweeping gun laws unless the people ask for it. It seems like a simple comment, but slowly I feel we are being pre programmed subconsciously to accept federal gun bans in the right scenario.

Its also strange that obama is compared so much to abraham lincoln, being are only president during our only civil war.
Our government is not stupid they know there are millions of conservatives and democrats a like who believe in and will defend the 2nd amendment.
So why is the obama gang showing their cards so early?

17th January 2013, 01:32
The same dark power that pulls the strings in most of the government is the same that has long controlled hollywood.

And they even try to tell us that up front ...


17th January 2013, 01:35
I love how journalist want guns taken from everyone but them ... just proves they follow orders, with a double mind and no sense of right or wrong...just protecting their paychecks and ego ...

17th January 2013, 01:42
Man, this kind of hypocrisy is unacceptable.

It really blows my mind and I find it beyond bizarre to all the lies and deception happening right now....it's mind-boggling and a massive wave of BS traveling at light speed especially since Dec 14th has slammed us.....

The Sandy Hook thing is so bizarre I can't believe it is almost swept under the rug already with all this politic crap talk....

So much is happening so fast right now it's rather disturbing to say the least.....if more people would actually use their brains we might be able to slow these psychopaths down a little bit, they are totally about ready to shift in to overdrive right now.

17th January 2013, 02:20
we need tighter helicopter laws, especially in the U.K. tighter war laws would be good since we are manipulating the masses with some back drop movie props ...bring out some soldiers in wheel chairs, missing limbs around 18-19 yrs old ... there's real gun violence ... WAR ...

17th January 2013, 06:30
This is rich, no one is willing to put their money where their mouth is.