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20th January 2013, 13:13
In this mad world we live in it seems many are fascinated and somewhat engrossed in the system(s) we have created be it political, economical, social, and religious.

Yet in the long term are any of these "system(s)" beneficial to mankind as a whole? The nature of value is a individual thing, yet many are conditioned by the system which many live in, to except a consensus of this system that an object has a value, and we represent that value by another material object, like money, gold, etc. Yet the object it self is what it is and it can be nothing more. This is an internal belief or desire to have such a thing.

Politicians are a group of individuals who are there to control their own population's and to spread that influence for there particular groups own desires or beliefs. In other countries, they wish to protect their own interests or interests of those that maintain power or influence over its masses and other individual in the particular group they belong to.

Social behavior of man is a very curious thing, history as show us man is continuous divided, and a constant repetitious of wars, mainly for self centered benefit. It seems man like to kill his own kind. Without unification the long term survival of our species isn't guaranteed.

Religion, well with wars been caused by people's belief, need I say more?

There is not many people who can see "outside the box" of manipulation, conditioning, and down right lies. It is man's way of thinking and the life he leads which has to change, but I cannot see this being done with some outside intervention of some sorts, it seems to be a constant vicious cycle, which seems to be apart of man's existence here.

21st January 2013, 02:20
Agreed, no simple answers I'm afraid. Personally I swing from states of inner calm and tranquility to utter frustration and despair. The thing is, most people are so far inside the box they can't see the bloody sides ! But then I'm sure we're all confined in various boxes of our own making to some extent.

I feel an immersion in Castaneda coming on !!