View Full Version : Wild Gun control and UFO dream I had last night.

20th January 2013, 23:49
First off, I recommend taking the supplement ZMA as it makes your dreams out of this world. It's pretty cheap and has many benefits. So here's my dream...

I was in an apartment upstairs in a room watching a western movie. For some reason I was alarmed and went outside. Outside was a western town! Dirt streets, horses, small wood buildings, the people fit the setting of the western era. When I was on the dirt road I saw a bunch of what seemed like renegade soldiers, kind of like rebels back during the civil war fighting against something much greater(like the govt) One of them was almost in tears and told me he was sorry because the guns are being taken away and that he wish he could do something about it. All the sudden it's night time, I'm still out in the street but nobody seems to be around. I look up and I see an incredible light show of UFO's! They were very low to the ground, making them an obvious sight for anyone. I remember seeing a few different ones, but they were all amazing with their lights and movements. The best I can describe these ufo's in looks are the ones in that Haiti CGI video. I tried to call everyone but only my dad picked up, I told him to go outside and before you know it I'm with him in a car going down the freeway he lives right next to towards the mountains, but now everything is modern! We don't see any of those ships like I did in my western town, but we can see one in the distance over the mountains. As we are driving, we see a helicopter with a ladder connected to the back of it. All the sudden this ladder starts extending and extending for miles all the way into space! My dad and I were so excited to see this and I told him "I wonder how long we have had that piece of equipment for!" After this happened we were being chased by a car full of people who I felt had to do with the whole gun control scenario that was going on. We ended up at a house full of survivors. I forget what we all talked about but I remember an old man showing me this weapon he had that could project a huge amount of heat at someone and kill them from the massive amount of energy. End of dream.

After the dream I wrote down more notes explaining my current mind state and feeling of what was going on at the time in a bigger picture.
*Even though I was the only one who saw those ufo's, I felt like everyone saw them because they were flying over everywhere
*The whole ufo thing seemed to the tied with the gun control event that was going on.
*Society seemed to be falling apart because of this.

21st January 2013, 02:05
Very interesting dream Sloppyjoe. I have been feeling like we are at a crossroad. I have an uneasy feeling that something major is going to happen, even more major than the events of the last few months.

I had a dream the night before last that myself and a friend were having dinner with Obama and his wife. They were both very unhappy and wouldn't even look at each other. The only way they would communicate with each other was by texting each other. It was a very uncomfortable dinner to say the least! Have no clue what it meant.