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23rd January 2013, 20:44
Hello everyone. I have a photo and I would really like to understand the symbolism of the photo.

I believe this community on Avalon will be able to help. As a background this photo is taken from a martial artists Gi. It is the shield of the school. The teacher was originally a Kempo practitioner but then created his own system, he taught his students alchemy, meditation, along with the martial art. Also the teacher spoke of ascended masters and saint germaine, he understood the ideas of David Icke and others regarding the energy vampires who feed of our fear,,obviously not an ordinary martial artist and I believe the great people on this forum can help. Thank you for any ideas you might have.

23rd January 2013, 21:28
Maybe this is obvious - I see the Sun, beams radiating downward, and a green plant. It basically is showing the Sun as a life giving force.

There is a pink/brown area in the sun, not sure what that is?

One might ask why there are four beams of light - perhaps that correspond to four tenets or four practices within the marshal art form?

23rd January 2013, 21:47
Yes the browner image in the sun is actually supposed to be something, it looks like a sort of bird, or crab or crab like creature. And yes I believe the numbers of things in the patch as well as the colors have meaning, as the teacher spoke of sacred geometry, even the shape of the patch I believe of the object is purposeful, just not sure myself. Thanks again for any ideas.

23rd January 2013, 22:18

found this video on you tube, sorry not sure how to share it or embed it or whatever its called, it is a video along the lines of sacred geometry and how the human DNA has been manipulated and cut off from source, and how fear reigns as our connection to the divine is lost. I have not researched the orginazation thetemplate.org but I am going to now as the video resonated very much with me. Any input on that organization or video if you watch it would be grand. The purpose of me posting the picture and asking for help in understanding the patch, has in a way already given me back something to explore

Freed Fox
23rd January 2013, 23:27
WEAREONE; there is a YouTube icon on the row of buttons that starts with B I U, just above the field where you enter the text for your message. Copy the URL of the vid and then use that button to embed it.

Unfortunately I can't help much with the symbol, as my own knowledge of symbology is comparatively limited to others who are members here. In fact, there might not have been any sort of traditional symbolism involved in the creator's mind when he made it. There's always that possibility, that its creator had a personal or unique thought in mind. That said, he sounds like an inspiring individual. I'm guessing that he has passed away? If so, has anyone taken the mantle, so to speak? Continued his work by preserving his methods?