View Full Version : Thanks for fixing the forum

24th January 2013, 17:22
I had a hard time logging into this place yesterday
and it didn't matter what time of day it was.

Then when i did get in, it took for-ever looking at
all the different posts. At times, i thought my pc
would lock up because it was trying so hard to open
other pages of this forum.

I noticed last night, early this morning that this
site was down for repairs, so i then realized that
it was a forum problem and not my pc.

Today, i'm zipping right through all the pages,
like i normally do.

So, i just wanted to give a big thank-you to all
those involved in making all much needed repairs
to this site....... :pleasantry:

Star Tsar
24th January 2013, 21:31
I am experiencing time page time-outs don't know if anyone else is yesterday was fine for me...
Thanks guys I am grateful just reporting to you.

And now is subsided :o :o