View Full Version : N. Korea Threatens ‘All Out Confrontation’… Nuclear, Missile Tests ‘Aimed At US’

24th January 2013, 17:33
It seems like the Asian bully is looking for attention...

SEOUL, Jan. 23 (Yonhap) — North Korea has completed all technical preparations for a nuclear test and can carry it out in a few days if it makes a decision, a South Korean intelligence source said Wednesday.

North Korea had dug up a tunnel for a test at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site, but the tunnel has now been plugged with dirt and concrete, the source said, suggesting that all measuring and other equipment has already been installed inside.

It was unclear when the tunnel was sealed.


North Korea on Wednesday vowed to boost its nuclear arsenal, evidently irked by the UN Security Council’s unanimous adoption of more sanctions against the renegade country.

“We will take measures to boost and strengthen our defensive military power including nuclear deterrence,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry said according to the official KCNA news agency.

The comments came just hours after the UN Security Council unanimously condemned the North’s rocket launch in December and expanded existing sanctions.

The North also said there will be no more denuclearization talks. “Due to the U.S.’s worsening hostility toward North Korea, the six-party talks and the joint September 19 statement were rendered null.”


Citing North Korea’a KCNA, Bloomberg reports that North Korea is threatening “all-out confrontation” against the U.S. and others.

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25th January 2013, 00:15
They're going to sail their fleet into New York harbor, so when they fire their missiles they'll have a chance of hitting something.

25th January 2013, 02:18
Now thats scary, they can't launch a missle and they are playing around will the weapon of mass destruction... underground ? what if they trigger a huge quake ??? they need food for their people and they are TESTING nuclear bombs ??? Come on spend that money of food for your starving people... madness continues...

25th January 2013, 22:28
Like father like son - complete idiots :)