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29th January 2013, 20:49
I seen this video a few weeks ago and it looks like the real deal. The face of
bigfoot is revealed.


30th January 2013, 01:41
woe , it looks real , but who knows...

30th January 2013, 02:00
The man that filmed the tent video (Rick Dryer) said he killed that bigfoot.
He said that a whole crew of people were involved. According to Mr. Dryer they nailed some ribs up to that tree and when the bigfoot came in, He took
the cell video but froze up when it came time to shoot him. So they nailed some more ribs to the same tree
and when the bigfoot showed up, Rick shot it in the back of the head and the bullet came out of his mouth knocking out several teeth. He claims that the film crew recorded the whole event and he claims that they have possession of its body.

I find this man to be a vile human being but I think he might be telling the truth. I am warning you before you listen to this ( Graphic language & disgusting behavior) He says the body is at a university being studied and he is 50% owner
and the film company owns 50%. The documentary film is to be released in 2013.


30th January 2013, 04:25
If there is a "Bigfoot". The act of killing it to settle our human "curiosity".
Is not human!
And just in case you wonder. I wouldn't consider myself a liberal or any other political name. Own many fine guns and love to shoot them.
At targets

30th January 2013, 11:16
Definitive proof, and Bigfoot is found. If it's a question of 'is this guy believable?' then no. This guy is an imbecile.
Could he have killed one? Very possibly. He certainly would if he could. I don't trust him to have done it,
and I don't trust him to have not. He's useless.

I should have known (or I'll keep in mind now), that bigfoot's discovery is only a big deal to a handfull of obsessive humans.
And a lot of lawyers and media franchises.
The story would or will have to end in murder.

30th January 2013, 21:04
We should leave these gentle giants alone. They seem to be humanoid and may likely realize they are inferior to modern man. Indians say they are humanoid and live underground.

30th January 2013, 22:58
Its all a hoax, Rick Dyer has been involved in them a few times.

I don't think that any footage has been caught of anything genuine might have missed some. Wildmen, or bigfoot, go back a long time across the world, so their existence could likely be quite true in the past and now, depending on many possibilities.

1st February 2013, 20:02
Let's hope no-body does the same thing with ETs (kills them to prove they exist) when they make mass contact - this is the same logic as: "We had to destroy the village to save it."

1st February 2013, 20:21
Mankind can be a destructive force but it can also be truly exceptional and wonderful. When we learn to leave hate, anger and fear behind we will be able to achieve anything.

1st February 2013, 20:40
We should leave these gentle giants alone. They seem to be humanoid and may likely realize they are inferior to modern man. Indians say they are humanoid and live underground.

I believe the bigfoot exist, but to be able to hide as long as they have from us disgusting humans, I would certainly say that it is us who is inferior.

3rd February 2013, 05:53
Regarding black eyes. black eyed kids and so on.

Sasquatch hybrid? Shared genetic origins?


OK read the rest. No idea.

18th March 2014, 21:57
Its all a hoax, Rick Dyer has been involved in them a few times.
Jeff Meldrum exposes Rick Dyer & the fake bigfoot body he is showing around:

Self-proclaimed "bigfoot tracker" Rick Dyer has recently claimed to have shot a sasquatch after baiting it with ribs, and he has just released images of the supposed body. I was extremely hesitant to give these ludicrous claims any attention, but the mainstream media coverage which this has been receiving has urged me to issue a statement on this blog. Please note that this is not meant to be a personal attack on Mr. Dyer, but rather is a brief analysis of his claims. From the photographs of the alleged "bigfoot body", it is apparent that this is nothing more than a poorly constructed mannequin.

In comparison to the faces of known great apes, as seen below, the face of Dyer's alleged bigfoot carcass is vastly different and does not appear to be composed of flesh. It lacks the pronounced supraorbital ridges (brow ridges) which would be expected on a nonhuman ape or primitive member of Homo, and cracks like those on dry clay can be seen on the nose. The "hair" is also highly irregular in comparison to that of apes, and looks to be made of a fibrous material like that of costume fur. Thus, this is certainly not the body of an ape species and is a clear fraud in my opinion.

In case you have forgotten, Rick Dyer attempted the same antics in 2008. This recent "body" seems to be modeled after a dwarf from The Lord of the Rings, and serious researchers of sasquatch reports are not falling for it. In fact, such nonsensical hoaxes are very detrimental to the little credibility that the "Bigfoot Community" has in the public view, and it is important to know that cryptozoological researchers such as myself and countless others are not taking Dyer's claims with a grain of serious interest. Let us not pay any attention to this rubbish and carry on with serious and critical-minded research into the enigma of alleged American apes.


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