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Pop Idle
1st February 2013, 14:30
Hello everyone, I'm glad to be joining you :)

After having a number of snail based synchronicities recently, I came across this short film/music video.

Having been all too aware of my recent inertia and lack of direction, it really shook me to my core.

I'm sure it will strike a chord with many here, and may act as a reminder of sorts. You may want a tissue handy though :o


Thanks for looking,


1st February 2013, 14:50
One can never find themselves until they have knowledge of being lost.
One cannot feel fulfilled until they have experienced emptiness.


1st February 2013, 14:58
Many are lost because they cannot connect with nature as a whole, as nature does daily and succeeds very well doesn't it..... Birds don't pay bills, Deer don't work, Frogs don't sit at home and watch TV. When we live in this false system, we can become lost. Nature can take us back home again, simply because we are just a part of nature, and not a big part, just a small part of nature we are. Thanks for posting this. A 5 Star Video, and welcome to Avalon Pop.

1st February 2013, 16:54
Thank you for that Pop, good way to start my day.

1st February 2013, 16:59
Welcome to avalon Pop Idle! Much love :hug:

1st February 2013, 17:42
Beautiful and so true, welcome.


Spiral of Light
1st February 2013, 19:26
Beautiful... Thank you, Pop Idle.

Freed Fox
2nd February 2013, 00:47
Don't be afraid...

Thank you, and welcome

2nd February 2013, 22:59
WOW, profound......................