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5th February 2013, 21:38
I see all this devisivness, lack of respect, vitriol, and finger pointing.

Can't humanity find a common starting point??

-Clean food/water/air for everyone?
-No Military conflict--diplomacy as a rule?
-The general good of humanity above profit?
-Love before fear?
-Questions before statements?

What else could we start with?

Maybe we should ask some five or six year olds....the ones I know are waaaayyyyy smarter than most of the adults I deal with.

5th February 2013, 22:56
People would agree on those ideas in general, of course. So that is not the problem. The problem arises when people get together to figure out and implement the details. All too often people let "their mind" take over then, and we then misunderstand and scorn each other for nothing. So that's the starting point, I guess, this is what has to be gotten right first. Learning how to maturely deal with one another. Then everything follows swiftly. Let's wake up (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?55031-Wake-Up-Call-2013-How-To-Overcome-The-New-World-Order-) and be leaders!

6th February 2013, 00:52
I'm not sure it isn't just that easy chistian....a simple commitment to those (or similar) ideals

And to all....why do we complicate the matter.

I feel like it really could be that easy.

6th February 2013, 03:04
the problem with humanity is most will argue who is in charge of the starting point ...the first step is tell the truth, no more secrets... can't fix anything to we get all the correct information, knowledge is power ...

6th February 2013, 03:21
Those are all easy issues to address in ourselves. Absolute no-brainers. They're also all issues that are used as weapons to control us.
I hope there's a developing understanding that these issues are ours personally, and deep inside of us, because that's where the changes will occur.

But in the meantime, we've allowed control of us and our health and the environment into the hands of people with an evil agenda. Don't associate 'evil' with devils and voodoo.
Associate it with the laziness and preoccupation with selfish agendas that we all learn and act out in what we used to call normal existence.
It was perfectly acceptable in ourselves and in everyone else, until only a moment ago.
Take responsibility for it.

Now it's not acceptable. Why is that? Because it's not, nor has it ever been acceptable. It's a Revelation.
But I think we've had plenty of warnings, so if it's a surprise then shame on us.

The definition of evil is literally to knowingly represent what is untrue, to be true. For what purpose? Well, an incomprehensible one, because that agenda is as alien to
an alive or potentially awakening mind as a road worker's agenda is comprehensible to a chicken.
When crossing that agenda is dangerous to the point of threatening your own life, you have a problem.

So where, in what areas, in what activities are we not yet fully controlled? Where is it safe and publicly demonstrable enough to reach a critical mass?
Our personal decision making? Are we making different decisions now about how we want to associate with ourselves and each other and the world?
The mass is certainly big enough if it's organized. But I don't mean confronting force with force. In that, force is demonstrated to be the winner.
If everyone just sat down for one day and did nothing, that would be it. No production, no embarking on flights, no transactions of any kind.
No bombs were funded, produced, and dropped on that day. That's how tenuous control is.
It depends entirely on that the wheels keep turning, and it's us who are turning the wheels for it. Duh. But I like my conveniences.

'Power' is the operative word. That's Greybeard's favorite word, and rightly so. The power of truth.
Okay, so we get the truth out there.
But more fundamentally, the truth in you. Where in our lives do we control each other with force? Force our opinions? Force our own agendas?
Down to the finest detail. Where do I get my way or protect my own sense of safety by stretching or manipulating or withholding the truth?
When you compromise, you're back to zero power.

My own misunderstanding of truth and what it is, and how uncompromising it is, disempowers me. And I KNOW THAT!
I can't represent something that I'm willing to compromise.
And the fallout and demonstration of it is a world that functions through deception. I think you can easily call that 'the illusion'.

That's a starting point.

6th February 2013, 12:44
That puts me in mind of Jonah.....He traveled to the end of the known world at the time......all to avoid telling the truth in the face of falsehood.