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7th February 2013, 20:47
Since the debate is going on here about forums being monitored it seemed like it might be a good time to start talking about this....

Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance


Kim Dotcom discusses the importance of putting a buffer between the citizen and the state.

I think itís important for the Internet that there is more encryption. Because what I have learned since I got dragged into this case is a lot about privacy abuses, about the government spying on people.

You know, the US government invests a lot of money in spy clouds: massive data centers with hundreds of thousands of hard drives storing data. And what they are storing is basically any communication that traverses through US networks. And what that means they are not spying on individuals based on a warrant anymore.

They just spy on everybody, permanently, all the time. And what that means for you and for anybody is that if you are ever a target of any kind of investigation, or someone has a political agenda against you, or a prosecutor doesnít like you, or the police wants to interpret something in a way to get you in trouble ó they can use all that data, go through it with a comb and find things even though we think we have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong.

They will find something that they can nail you with and thatís why itís wrong to have these kinds of privacy abuses, and I decided to create a solution that overtime will encrypt more and more of the internet.

So we start with files, we will then move to emails, and then move to Voice-Over-IP communication. And our API [Application Programming Interface] is available to any third-party developer to also create their own tools. And my goal is, within the next five years, I want to encrypt half of the Internet. Just reestablish a balance between a person ó an individual ó and the state.

Because right now, we are living very close to this vision of George Orwell and I think itís not the right way. Itís the wrong path that the government is on, thinking that they can spy on everybody.

7th February 2013, 21:02

8th February 2013, 01:11
That was a fantastic interview, highly illuminating. Hopefully his new venture is going to be a success rather then a battle.

Ilie Pandia
8th February 2013, 11:22
As long as using a strong encryption key is against the law (and as far as I know it is!), encryption is almost useless.