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8th February 2013, 06:33

You wanna know about the royals? This should get a few brows raised...

One massive download of information.


8th February 2013, 14:16
They Have Taken Link One Down...errrmm? I Wonder Why??

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8th February 2013, 14:32
They Have Taken Link One Down...errrmm? I Wonder Why??

Works fine here.

9th February 2013, 23:24
very interesting, if long, documentary ( listened to it while driving across the US).

some key points that stood out:

the british monarchy owns / runs every organized major religion / country & is setting itself ( prince william spesifically) to rule the world in the NWO (the prince is possibly being set up as the anti-christ through inbreeding of jesus christs blood, which is why the royals inbreed).

The british monarchy is not really british, but german, & closely tied to all the secret societies & even runs it's own secret society that has a membership limited to 24, which is suppose to be the round table council for the new ruler.

there's a LOT of family history on the royals of england & how most modern countries are not countries at all, but corporations, I learned quite a few new little tidbits and facts that were very interesting & some funny (groom of the stool anyone? haha!)

I'd suggest watching this, it's long but has a lot of good info, I think it doesn't reach TOO far, but it does state some dates that I don't see as super plausable, like prince william will be 33 in 2015 and that is possibly a date for his revealing of his blood ties to christ (and the NWO will be in effect, after WW3).

anyway, interesting movie with some good points and research.

10th February 2013, 15:38
My question is what about those none Christians, for example Chinese and Japanese, they probably won't buy into the Biblical stuff , so they will be eliminated in the WW3 ?