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8th February 2013, 20:40
This is a good discussion....

Plenty of speculation of this issue.The best way to recruit more insugents ?

I would say this is the NWO/CIA policy to escalate the 'Terrorist' war as per their
agenda. Not to stop it !!



Published on 8 Feb 2013

Is 'death by drone' justifiable? Or even effective? Is Washington's use of drones legal
under international -- and now also national - law? What of the issue of blowback -- is
this being taken seriously? And in sending out drones, what other message is the US
sending out to the world? CrossTalking with David Swanson and Noel Sharkey.


Published on 7 Feb 2013

Nearly one month ago, President Obama nominated John Brennan for director of
the Central Intelligence Agency and on Thursday he was on Capitol Hill being
questioned on the details of a leaked memo known as "white paper." The document
states that the US government needs no evidence to justify killing of Americans
abroad using drone strikes. But during the hearing a group of protesters interrupted
the event and RT's Justine Underhill brings us the latest from the hill.

DIANE FIENSTIEN chair of the commitee finnally clears the hall and concludes
to a empty room !!

Some people are trying to protest but the estblishment is still silencing them !!

'Don't drone me, bro!' Protesters disrupt Brennan CIA chief approval hearing


Published on 7 Feb 2013

The US Senate Intelligence Committee briefly postponed the confirmation hearing for
CIA director nominee John Brennan after demonstrators disrupted the
proceedings. "Brennan killing civilians with drones," one sign held up by a protester
read. Others took turns jeering, "torture is always wrong" and "you are a traitor to
democracy." Another attempted to call attention to the number of civilian casualties
caused by US drones. MORE INFO & PHOTOS:

This maybe why Obama wants more Drone killings, so they do not have to detain
and torture them.As Stalin said 'No people No problem' !!

'Globalizing Torture': 54 countries helped CIA to kidnap, detain & torture


Published on 5 Feb 2013

At least 54 countries including Syria, Iran, Sweden, Iceland, and UK offered CIA "covert
support" to detain, transport, interrogate and torture suspects in the years following the
9/11 attacks, according to a new report - READ MORE http://on.rt.com/yh5569

8th February 2013, 22:05
'Obama's anti-terror policy most dangerous for Americans'


Published on 7 Feb 2013

From drone strikes to torture techniques - tough questions are ahead for Barack Obama's nominee for CIA head,
at his confirmation hearing in the Senate. John Brennan is widely seen as an architect of U.S. drone strategy. In
an effort to avoid scrutiny around Brennan's candidacy, the U.S. President has even agreed to hand over classified
documents justifying the killing of American terror suspects abroad. That's after years of keeping it secret.

For more analysis on Barack Obama's pick for CIA head and his upcoming confirmation hearing RT talked to John Glaser,
senior editor at Antiwar dot com.