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9th February 2013, 01:55
John and James were both very interested in conspiracy theories. They both knew that something big was going to happen very soon.

John went about preparing for the worst. He and his wife and child moved to a very remote part of the United States, far from the crowds and the cities. They found a home on land in a valley that was remote, isolated and had only one exit and entry. John set about preparing, post haste, because he knew time was getting short. He installed solar panels, grew a vegetable garden and hoarded seeds. He bought and farmed goats, sheep and chickens. He commissioned the building of an underground shelter replete with water and food supplies to last at least six months for the three of them. The ventilation system was state of the art. John bought guns. He hid some away in places around the property where he could have easy access to them at all times. He built a small watchtower on the rise above the road in, and built a massive fence and reinforced gate- strong enough to withstand multiple front on ramming by a heavy vehicle. He laced the top of his fence with razor sharp wire, all the way from the small cliff on one side of the valley entrance to the dense brush on the other side.

John went though all the possible scenarios in his mind, from zombie apocalypse to direct bombing from Government forces. Disabling solar flares entered his calculations, as well as a sudden huge rise in sea level, even the sudden shifting of the poles. John felt the greatest threat to his livelihood would be wandering mobs of hungry humans, and to that extent he made sure he had plenty of ammunition. If need be, he would shoot them to protect the food sources for him and his family.

James had a different approach. He stayed in the city of Los Angeles with his wife and two children. Indeed, their old home was right on an active quake zone. If there were any tremors in Los Angeles and the surrounding regions, James would feel it through the floorboards. Every day he would pray for the well being of all mankind. He worked at helping and inspiring the homeless, drawing only a meagre income. He believed strongly that he was always in the right place at the right time, and would continue to be so, every moment of his life. He believed he was watched over and looked after. Every day he would research the same material as John, and every day he prayed for the wellbeing of all beings. If and when the Big Event happened, he would have no hesitation in giving one of his homeless charges the last of his food.

John had had a long standing fight with the local council about certain of his modifications he had made to his property. He was required to front up in court 200 km. away. This could take several days, and he was afraid that some of the local law enforcement would trespass on his property while he and his family were away. He booked a room at the hotel in the city. Then he made a call to James, who would do anything for John. Even though he had to take a couple of days off work, James knew he couldn't let John down.

The fateful day dawned bright and sunny. Indeed, the Sun flared brighter and brighter. Electrics went out in buildings and vehicles. Within a matter of minutes, chaos descended upon towns and cities throughout the American continent. John's family at the hotel were awoken early in the morning to the sounds of pandemonium in the streets. They hastily dressed and rushed to their solar flare proof SUV, which started with a roar, and made their way through the streets. But cars that had switched off in mid motion were crashed into each other, and soon they found themselves locked in with nothing to do but take to the streets on foot, pushing their way through the dazed and confused masses.

James rose early, and started his day as always, with a prayer for the good of humanity. He did a walk around John's farm to check on it before his family rose. He noticed that the sun was getting brighter, and just had time to check out the news on the internet of a massive solar flare, before his computer went dead. He woke his family and rushed them into the shelter. After several hours, James went out to check on the sun. He logged onto John's solar proofed computer and checked for updates. There had been massive and ongoing quakes worldwide. The greater part of California had gone into the sea, including his home. There was talk of a pole-shift. It was chaos out there, and honestly, no-one really knew what was going on. James opened the gates, and as the days went by, stragglers made their way to the farm. He accepted all of them, and shared his food and water. One of these was an old farmer and his wife. The farmer set about planting seeds and tending crops. Another was a young man who had just recently got his Doctor of Medicine, and had found a placement at the local hospital. He was a gifted doctor, and when not called upon by any for medical help would assist the farmer in the fields. Many others made their way to the farm, each with their own gifts and talents. Each morning they would all gather and say a prayer together for the wellbeing of all mankind.

The moral of this story is simple. We are creating our future every day with our thoughts. We are, indeed, very powerful creators. I ask you to create a future of love, peace, and harmony.

Bright Garlick
9th February 2013, 11:07
Yes, yes and yes.

A fine parable indeed Telosian. We must move past fear and panic and embrace what is.

Everything is in it's right place.

Best wishes to you, Bright. ;-)


9th February 2013, 13:09
Our consciousness is an amazing tool that we have as humans or individuals. What we think we become. It's time to steer Earth and Humanity back on its original course. Love, Peace and Compassion,,, Each of us the pilots. Great post T.E. I thought of this song. What kind of world do you want,,,,,, yes we can do anything.

PS: Good to hear from you Telosian Embrace and Bright Garlic. ;)

We are all from the same tribe.........