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10th February 2013, 08:15
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Lawmakers in Hawaii have become some of the first in the US to support labelling on genetically modified food after the House Committee on Agriculture passed a new measure.

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The committee approved the bill Thursday but amended it so it only applies to produce imported from outside Hawaii.
Numerous proponents of the bill testified before the House committee this week.
They say they deserve to know whether the food they are buying has been genetically modified.
House agriculture committee Chairwoman Jessica Wooley says because the bill only affects produce brought in from outside Hawaii, it benefits local farms and won’t cause food prices to rise.
In the continental U.S., New Mexico and Washington are considering labeling of foods that have been genetically engineered, after California voters last November rejected Proposition 37.
Proponents of GMO labeling maintain consumers have the right to know what’s in their food.
“I and many mothers deserve the right to know what we are feeding our children,” Jessica Mitchell, a parent who testified in favor of the bill, was quoted as stating in the AP report.

10th February 2013, 13:43
That is good news. It gives a person a choice of GMO or non GMO foods. I think the key going forward is continued education. Frankly, a lot of the population won't and do not care. I believe the overall plan is to have literally every food product to be GMO so that there is ultimately no choice at all.

My son and I had a brief conversation about GMO foods last week. He thought GMO foods were a good idea and that we shouldn't stop science from progressing in order to feed a growing world population. I explained to him about Monsanto, the FDA and the food companies and his reply was "that's not right". He didn't like what he heard, but only time will tell if he will actually read a label on a food package.

More education is still needed and this victory while important, needs to be furthered.

Earth Angel
10th February 2013, 17:40
Perhaps the Obama's dont want to eat GMO when they retire to Hawaii

I am surprised by the number of people my age , mid 50's, who don't know a thing about GMO and they've never heard of Monsanto.......one friend who is recently married to a farmer said if it wasn't for GMO we wouldn't be eating this year and he followed up with "Monsanto is my hero".........barf!

10th February 2013, 17:48
I think people(sheep) won't care until they have a rapid decline of their health.

Tane Mahuta
11th February 2013, 12:50
Kudos to the State of Hawaii, hope this catches on!!


Dennis Leahy
11th February 2013, 14:34
Yay !

11th February 2013, 15:29
This is good news! This whole GMO thing has caused me to speed up the implementation of future plans. I couldn’t wait to get back to the country. I wondered what I could do to break the chain as GMO soy and corn are in so many things including the feed often fed to cows and chickens. I don’t eat beef but I do still eat eggs, yoghurt, and cheeses. I generally don’t even drink milk.

This summer I got 3 backyard chickens (the legal limit) and then in October last year I got 2 goats, Cookie, and her wethered side-kick, Wally. She’s a mini-alpine so she’s only 22” tall and should give about a quart or more a day (some give up to a ˝ gallon!). I make sure I get non-GMO feed from local farmers (who by the way aren’t happy about the whole GMO thing either). I was truly driven to do this as my only viable solution to breaking this evil being foisted on us in the food chain. I cringe every time I see someone buying corn chips but really, corn syrup is in so many products. It just boggles the mind.

I plan on making cheese, yoghurt and my favorite of all, goat soap! I should have enough eggs by this summer when I move (my friend where I am moving already has 4 more chickens and a rooster with my name - actually his name is Elvis - on it for when I move out there soon) to provide eggs for my extended family members and maybe a little barter here and there too.

Since a GMO Bill was recently introduced here in Washington State I guess I’d better start making some good signs. It really is up to each one of us to raise awareness and hopefully not be too obnoxious. I just keep on putting out info every chance I get. People really don’t know as you say.

11th February 2013, 17:07
On October 29 I posted the following (post #17) on another Monsanto/GMO thread.


Warning . . .huge ugly rant about to ensue . . . .

So many here think that buying food products with a little sticker that says “USDA Certified Organic” means they are eating GMO free and organic food????

Well I am here to tell you that this is one of the most infuriating stupid assumptions among the general public today.

I was one of the organic farmers who truly grew organic food right down to the organic food I fed my animals. I cut my cost to the bare bones so everyone could afford the food grown on my farm . . . . and you know WHAT????

My prices were undercut by many farmers in the Kansas City area who grew herbicide pesticide laden fruits and vegetables and bought the “usda organic labels” and stuck it on their products. ANYBODY can go to many websites and purchase that stupid little label.

I know for an absolute, clear, 200% fact that the buffalo meat that the Whole Foods and Hen House in Overland Park Kansas sold and probably still sells under the label New Grass Bison Co. of who says their product is all natural, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free is a bald face filthy liar. I have been at livestock auctions and specifically buffalo auctions where we sold our buffalo that were no longer completely organic and natural usually from an illness that required a strong round of antibiotics. No only did he (the owner of New Grass) buy our buffalo that were no longer clean he bought any and all buffalo that was dirt cheap usually because they were sick or so old they were about to die. I confronted him more than once and his answer was to laugh and say what ‘they’ don’t know won’t hurt them and when I pressed him he would laugh harder and say well ‘sue me’. We could not get a contract to sell to Whole Foods and Hen House because New Grass undercut our prices with his nasty bison. . . . .

So yeah . . . be naďve and stupid . . . .buy food with that cute little label . . . it will be all right . . . . . eat and be happy.So in my very personal experience and knowledge of the organic/gmo/farmer world this little label will be NO DIFFERENT.

There will be neat little packages filled with gmo food with a label that says gmo-free. Just like anyone can buy the ‘organic label’ and put it on their product . . .'there will be gmo-free labels' aplenty to purchase.

This is not a victory of any sort . . . it is a ruse to put you back into your complacent little rut. This is to appease the masses and they will continue on with the program and preparations they initiated way back in the early 80’s.