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10th February 2013, 22:26
American Trivia



I wanted to ask if you guys knew that the Revolutionary war generals Benedict Arnold and Horatio L Gates were going to have obelisks made in their honor (Gates wanted to make his OWN lol), but the founding fathers scrapped Arnold's because he turned coat, and Gates was such a cowardly SOB that no one wanted him to have one?

Also during the war, Benedict referred to Gates as "Granny Gates" because Gates was a coward and a desk pilot, a soldier in name only who totally ruined Benedict's life. Also Gate helped my relative general Montgomery DIAF at Quebec and tried to marry the widow too. OMG. Worse than king David.

The Gates' are likely so embarrassed of their relative Horatio (looks just like Bill Gates sr) that they put their name into the Nicholas Cage movie "National Treasure" to make it very hard indeed to Google the real story of the family successfully. LOL.



Also a hundred years later or so,
the founder of the New York herald was obsessed with owls? He wanted a 200 foot owl statue made in his honor but it was never finished.

Have you heard the story/scandal of the girl in the red velvet swing? I think the architect Stanford White was involved in sexual deviancy with this young woman and would have been the one to build the tomb, but White was killed by millionaire Harry Kendall Thaw.

I am a tiny (or was a tiny bit) bit obsessed with owls and obelisks in popular culture and invite anyone here to contribute some trivia to this thread, something juicy to sate my curiosity and interest.

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P.S. I hate the trinity monument in white sands and wish it wasn't there.

"trinity site: where the world's first nuclear device was exploded July 16 1945"

I don't think it was the first. I think the prophet ezekiel had a vision of nuclear war in syria/babel site (khabur triangle region) and it might have been a war from the past, not the future. who knows.

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11th February 2013, 00:12
Perhaps it is appropriate that the place of the first nuclear explosion has such an ugly monument!

11th February 2013, 00:21
I agree with you! I was like, wow! major ugly!

STD riddled obelisk, lol!

maybe it got fried by the gamma? XD

my grandpa was stationed at White Sands for a little while,
and while he was there received his only air force demerit.

sand kept blowing into his room and he began to refuse to clean it.
he got reprimanded LOLOL