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12th February 2013, 03:52
The Magic of the Moment: the Dark Age and the Golden Age


I was wondering if anyone else here asks themselves, what is the single most important factor that determines the intelligence of a group of people? I guess a better way to ask would be, what's the magic that determines whether a community chooses to thrive or fail, during a certain span of time? What is it that makes a golden age, and what is it that makes a dark age?

Accomplishment: Nature or Nurture?


Is there some genetic predisposition that provides drive to succeed and accomplish? Is it the scarcity or availability of resources that builds a nation? Is it the mortality rate that influences relative creativity within a culture, or is it the cultures who value life the most who achieve the most?

I guess if we knew the answers to all of those questions, we wouldn't be digging up old cities or looking at cave paintings. We would be exercising our ability to build ourselves. or would we?

Convenience: The Killer of Cultures? :pizza:


Convenience usually involves some form of homogenization. Everyone's doing the same thing, in a world driven by convenience. Whether we log into facebook, watch Youtube, or place an order at Pizza Hut dot com, we are confronted by an entire ensemble of marketeers who thrive only because of how much our culture craves convenience.

What If I Want Something to Be Difficult? :wizard:


Some people feel sick when surrounded by a certain amount of instant gratification. Like a child who has eaten too many sweets, we adults sometimes crave a break from the frantic pace of the modern hamster wheel of "working so we don't have to work". I think the necessity of the 9 to 5 grind is the biggest lie told in America!

We've Been Fed Some Major B.S. About GDP and Free Time!


I'm here to tell you, that not everyone has to work in order for a culture to thrive. Far from it. Why, if everyone had to work from 9 to 5 just to put food on the table, I am telling you that the pyramids would never have been built, we would have no cathedrals, and there would be no storytelling or religion! There would be no Einstein or Tesla physics, if people had to work all day and night and had no time left for dreaming.

There Are People Out There Who Wish You Didn't Have to Work That Job


Personally, I would love to see a society where people have freedom to work or play (their choice), and those who wish to work do so from a need to provide and not to deprive the world of already scarce resources. I believe that organization should provide stability, not misery, to the population upon which it is inflicted. Yes, I say order is an affliction unless the purpose is truly to improve quality of life for everyone and not just a few!

I would like to write more on this subject, but this seems like a good start.
Tell me, in your words, what makes or breaks a strong culture, and what is the one factor, to you, that determines the level of achievement and average intelligence of said people.

And if you can, tell me whether it's the most active or most restful groups who accomplish the greatest cultural feats.

Some people say that meditation is the way to enlightenment and others say experience is the only way.

I would like to know the truth.