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12th February 2013, 23:59
In 2004 I experienced a kundalini energy release that lasted about 4 months. Some people refer to this energy as cosmic energy and it is an energy dormant at the bottom of our spine. When this energy is released it travels throughout your body taking you on a far out journey of spiritual awakening.

I have not written in full detail about my whole experience with this vast energy. What I want to focus on here is an episode I had with this energy that came back into my mind after responding to another thread "Christ's Way." (Christ Consciousness)

My whole being melted into an energy field of love that literally allowed me to touch the fabrics of life on a subatomic level. I could feel the atoms of an object.

As a collective body can humanity someday or perhaps some people have already become love on such a profound level that we (they) are able to heal illnesses of all kinds?

I would love to hear from those of you who know what I am describing here and anyone else who would like to share their insights.


13th February 2013, 01:03
"Master, which commandment in the law is the greatest?"

Jesus said to him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and thy whole soul and thy whole mind. This is the greatest of the commandments, and the first. And the second is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments, all the law and the prophets depend."
Mathew 22:37


continue on fanning the flames of the fire of love :)

13th February 2013, 01:45
I had similar experience in 08 and started reading the letters a couple nights ago, posted on the same thread Christ's way. After reading the 1st letter I wrote a time capsule letter as instructed in the letter. Did some Yoga and went to sleep. I had the most amazing dream, well the end was the really amazing part.

I was in a field and a family of 3 unicorns father,mother,colt went running by. I mentally spoke to the father, he was a good hand taller than the other two and much larger than any horse. I told him I thought he was beautiful and he turned around and came to me. Allowed me to pet him which brought tears to my eyes from the over whelming exhilaration of the whole experience.

Sure hope its a sign of things to come.

13th February 2013, 08:22
My inner work, including years of kundalini study with a true master, has led me to the conclusion that we ARE love, but love divided in two. These halves are the polarities we know as light/dark, female/male, yin/yang, ida/pingala, postive/negative etc. Briefly, I also saw that the lower three chakras are analogous to the 3D, the heart is the meeting place between what is above and what is below, and the higher chakras are analogous to the parts of ourselves that reside in the higher dimensions. We can experience true love by uniting the poles within the heart (+ energy from crown, - energy from root). The study of ida/pingala (or alternate nostril) breathing can help with this. The true nature of love may also be experienced in the high heart chakra, and the full extent of higher dimensionality may be expereinced in the nasal chakra. The nasal chakra may be activated by alternate nostril breathing with risen kundalini. The high heart can be activated by tapping two fingers on the sternum, midway between heart and throat.

Thank you for your post :)

13th February 2013, 14:35
Personally don't know anything about chakras or kundalini and never think of them.

As a collective body can humanity someday or perhaps some people have already become love on such a profound level that we (they) are able to heal illnesses of all kinds?

I read about a lot of masters, some of them heal people physically
but I don't think they always need to be healers in the physical sense.

Someone who I exchanged emails with who is a master told me she was a healer.
People like that exist I think.

I have been sick for over a year now and I can allow love in to take away
the discomfort if I want to.

I experienced health benefits and healing from love as well.

Concur with your experience, a high degree of love makes form/shape dissolve.

The love that we seek from others we can experience only if we love and for that we need to forgive.
When all is forgiven there is no past and no future and you realize your eternal self.


13th February 2013, 16:36
Yes, and the feeling is so deep, and understanding/awareness that what the words in the letter say, are true. I especially liked the part that described what part of our evolvement is causing repetative and aggitative universal(what goes around, comes around) waves of history, and how to get out of the cycle, make peace with yourself and focus on the future the Heavenly Creator has for us. Reassurance is great about this time, when dates of doom have passed, and misunderstanding of translations passed around to the point of helpless feelings of confusion or anxiety, spurring more emotional responses.
"For me" it expressed a understanding that the Creator is patient in our evolutionary process, and this same patience and just getting quiet to listen, must be used in the future, so it's good to practice it now. I also found that like the Urantia pages, i got a deeper understanding of the complex and wonderous thoughts put into the developement and creation of man/woman.

The 1st letter was so deep and soul touching, I was just on my way to read letter two. When did these first come out? Anyone? I know it's not important as to the exact time they came to light, but, i would like to know, how long I was out of the loop...info chain.
Very nice.

13th February 2013, 17:10
This link explains a lot about Kundalini.


I K awakened about twenty years ago spontaneously with no prior knowledge of the word or what K is.
For a time what we would call miraculous healing happened,,,for people I put hands on.
Backs straightened, tumours disappeared, chronic long term pain went.

However these gifts are a double edged sword, It is too easy for the ego to get in there and think "I am doing this"
That thought has to be let go of.
I dont look to heal people now--- sometimes it happens.

There were states of Bliss--these can still happen out of he blue--- in that im not meditating they just arrive.
I felt the Love.

I went to India to the ashram of the late Dr Goels who was internationally known as one of the foremost authorities on Kundalini.
He said "When Kundalini is awakened you are in the taxi being driven home by Shakti---you will be enlightened in this life time."

Its a very deep subject and a great gift from the Divine when it happens.
More and more people are awakening to this energy.
Adyashanti says that the energy changes your body so that it can handle the high vibration of enlightenment.
The Indians say the same.


13th February 2013, 17:17
I think i'll try my yoga at night. May help with my relaxation and focus before traveling.

13th February 2013, 17:25
"Master, which commandment in the law is the greatest?"

Jesus said to him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and thy whole soul and thy whole mind. This is the greatest of the commandments, and the first. And the second is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments, all the law and the prophets depend."
Mathew 22:37


continue on fanning the flames of the fire of love :)

Or, when one knows the Truth (http://bible.cc/john/10-34.htm)...
The entire law is summed up in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Galatians 5:14 (http://bible.cc/galatians/5-14.htm)

13th February 2013, 20:49
Yes Chris, Kundalini energy is a very deep subject and almost too profound to describe in words. Thank you for your insights. When this energy released in me I was humbled by its life force.

Ernie Nemeth
14th February 2013, 03:47
Nice thread, gloriouspoetry.

I too had this experience about ten years ago now. It totally changed my life. I've written about it before here at Avalon. I awoke in the middle of the night with the most exquisite feeling running up and down my spine that made me moan, giggle, cry and laugh out loud almost simultaneously. I remained in bliss for days. Within a month of that episode I had given up most of my worldly possessions and moved to a little apartment in the big city. I've never been the same since. It took me many years to come to grips with what happened to me, and for awhile I was not at all happy about it. Since then my ego has receded into the background and I see more clearly how blessed I was.

14th February 2013, 20:17
Ernie Nemeth,

Yes I also have not been the same since this energy released in my body. It is still the most profound experience I have had. I too have not come to grips with what happened to me the 4 months I was enraptured by this energy. I titled this thread Energy of Love which could also have been titled Kissed by God because that is how this energy felt when it melted by being.

However from the melting experience of love I went into other episodes that I still can't fully process. There is still some residue of this energy on the right side of my eye and I have experienced some other interesting things I still don't know how to process..... energetic entities of some kind.

Many Blessings,

14th February 2013, 20:37
My partner received some demyalination of the nerve sheaths after a kundalini episode that was mis-diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. Some nerve damage (usually not irreparable) has been reported after kundalini episodes, as well as other physical symptoms. My partner reversed the nerve damage through diet, elimination of all known toxins etc.

14th February 2013, 23:22
I am sorry to hear about your partner's nerve damage after kundalini episodes. Luckily I don't believe my kundalini experience did any physical damage on my body even though it was active in my body for nearly 4 months. One vision I had during those 4 months was of my mom holding me as a baby and seeing the kundalini energy active already at the bottom of my spine. It must have shut down and came back to my life full force.

The residue on my right eye is more of a gateway where on two occasions have allowed me to see energetic entities that appear plasma like. After reading someone's thread on guardian angels, I learned that these entities are positive energies that appear plasma like....I also feel a warm and comforting energy that sometimes runs down the right side of my leg.

15th February 2013, 06:19
I have a guardian angel, and it is my mother. When there is danger, or when I need to focus my attention on something, I hear her voice in my right ear. She just says my name, that is all, and that is all that is needed. Thanks for your concern about my wife. She is fine, and I am truly blessed to have her love.

15th February 2013, 20:23
It's so comforting to hear that your mother is your guardian angel. We have much in common, my brother who passed on is also my guardian angel. He died on Good Friday in 1990 at the age of 23 and I know he has been there guiding me during my most profound spiritual awakenings. It's no coincidence that I had my kundalini energy release on Good Friday(2004) and that he manifested something for me through a boyfriend in 1998. Again the power of LOVE was the connecting factor.

May you continue to become LOVE on all levels,

17th February 2013, 22:46
Dedicated to all of us on this thread and to everyone who comes in contact with the energy of love which is our true nature.....

The Imaginative Body of Love......All of the affinities in this world that hold beauty together in all of its divine levels are sensitive forms that are drawn from the imaginative body of love that remembers what informs heaven's hand to render all of the creative power that unveils itself inside this magical chamber....

19th February 2013, 04:12
Thanks for telling about your unique occurrences! Do you have ideas on why or how the experience was prompted? How it came to be bestowed upon you? :o

19th February 2013, 06:43
I've only read about kundalini in a book. personally i feel that there are always two paths in an ascension [to another level of being], one logical, and another based on the feelings.
the book emphasizes 'feeling exercises', what you should feel etc. and one does an 'exercise', & because it is not all logic i don't get it all the time.
some of what it emphasizes is the following .... 7 bodies with 'random' energy points or charkras in 'random body areas[in physical body]' for each of the seven bodies,
working with the energy at the base of the spine, one gets it flowing up. the aim being to channel it through the crown charkra. pathologies attached to it flowing 'out' through a lower charkra than the crown....but not to work with the energy at the very base of the spine first as this is very potent and only for the advanced. ..guess i'm just to lazy to do all the exercises ..i can certainly feel my body 'manipulate the energy' as i read the text. guess i'm just waiting to read another book that handles the subject differently

19th February 2013, 15:46

My kundalini release was an intense one....bottom of the spine and it traveled throughout my body even to my brain. By the grace of the divine I was able to handle the energy. I really believe that on a soul level I called the energy release. This is hard to explain but I almost felt that it was my personal way of taking back my spiritual power in this world.

18th March 2013, 23:29
Once risen, kundalini can be activated at will, and we can very rapidly "light up" all our chakras for healing and/or bodily/spiritual/emotional strength and inviolability. Deridan, when I studied K yoga, my way-shower had me suck the roof of my mouth in a particular way for 45 mins. After that time, he reentered the room and immediately said: "your mother - what is the first thing you think or feel about her right now?" The sucking was an emulation of breast-feeding and psychologically and emotionally transported me to the pure infant state. Physical asanas are less important in K yoga than strategies that encourage the flowering and ripening of our true essential nature.