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15th February 2013, 13:48
New "UFO Disclosure Lite Program" Revealed by The Outpost Forum

New "UFO Disclosure Lite Program" Revealed by The Outpost Forum

By Robert D Morningstar - 17 hours 21 min ago

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Description top photo:
Unusual UFO Over Haslet,TX December 13, 2012
This slant tail view reveals possible "Scram Jet" & trianguar structure of UFO Note unusual "nimbus" surrounding craft and radiant effect on clouds.
(Photo:Anonymous - Photo enhancement:Robert D. Morningstar)

The "UFO Disclosure Lite' Program Revealed
Chris Iversen & Doc Andrews
The Outpost Forum
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>
There is a new, exclusive and important UFO Disclosure article just posted at The Outpost.

According to our contacts, 'Disclosure Lite' (our term) is a new and officially sanctioned program that was initiated in 2012. Its genesis came about as a compromise between the various elements of the Government, Intelligence, Aerospace and Business communities who have been fighting over Disclosure for decades.

Dimitry Medvedev
President of The Russian Federation

In a well-publicized news story,last December (2012), Russia's President Dimitry Medvedev made some remarkable post-interview comments discussing UFOs, their "reality" and a long term, historical presence of extraterrestrials, referring to many ETs already living amongst us. Medvedev recommended that audiences view "Men-In-Black", which Western media misconstrued and ridiculed, confusing Medvedev's reference with the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones comic series.

In fact, President Medvedev was referring to a well-known Russian TV documentary, which can be viewed at the link below:

Russia's "Men In Black"
The Full Russian Documentary
(with English subtitles)

As we all know, there have been sides taken in this battle with ultimately the anti-Disclosure group(s) managing to somewhat keep a lid on the various attempts at official release.

Follow the link below:


We have sent other emails too, but feel free to copy, reproduce and distribute, all we ask is that you include a link to the original article.

Chris Iversen & Doc Andrews
The OutPost Forum,

"Exploring the Frontier of Understanding"

Thought it was interesting, also the strange article that came and went with little fan fare...

15th February 2013, 14:06
OMF is one of the best forums on the web IMO. Been reading it since 2007.
The thread at OMF is essential reading.
Im sure Bill used to have his own subforum over there a few years ago..?

15th February 2013, 14:40
Here is the clip of Medvedev talking about aliens on Earth


15th February 2013, 17:41
~Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About UFOs & Aliens, Or We Will: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=2117

15th February 2013, 22:37
~Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About UFOs & Aliens, Or We Will: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=2117

That looks like the three week old piece from Sorcha Faal :) ?

15th February 2013, 23:11
The idea of "Disclosure Lite" is about as appetizing as "Pepsi Lite." It is just the continuation of mind control and lies. I seems the current version of the truth is not manageable for the powers that be, so they need to let out a little more truth, so that they can stay in control without losing their credibility.

Only when the truth stops becoming the possession of the secretive few, and is made accessible to all, can humanity truly flourish.

We want the whole truth. We want it now, and don't tell us we can't handle it.

16th February 2013, 05:14
Just a point of reference that came to mind.

Excerpt from "The Rulers of the World (http://projectavalon.net/lang/en/The_Rulers_of_the_World_Project_Avalon_Jan_2011_A4 .pdf)"

BR: Okay. It sounds then as if there would be a strategy to start informing people about the E.T. reality pretty quickly. Now, I presume this is kind of under way.
C: A Fourth of July? What was the... ‘V.’
BR: Yeah. All of that. Yeah. ‘Independence Day.’
C: What’s this new one, ‘The Event.’ Sorry, ‘Independence Day,’ I meant. And so on and so on. ‘Terminator.’ Whatever you like.
BR: Yes, but are we ever going to get Obama holding a press conference saying, okay, ‘Guys, need to square with you.’
C: Not him, but someone will.
BR: Somebody will.
C: Yeah.
BR: Do you know anything about that at all?
C: No, because it’s not there yet, is it?
BR: It’s not there yet.
C: We... There’s a drip happening, and the bucket... you’re asking me how long that bucket’s going to take to fill, but the drip might slow up or speed up. So that makes my guess wrong.
BR: I wondered if any decision had been made about that, but you’re saying it’s just a general direction. They’re going in a general direction.
C: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And meanwhile, technology’s coming on. It’s getting better.
BR: Yes. Yes.