View Full Version : North Korea Finances Nukes with Counterfeit Currency

18th February 2013, 13:40
The most advanced counterfeit currency
in the world, North Korea's "supernotes"
are also the key to financing an illicit nuclear
program - not to mention the caviar tastes
of its ruling regime.

In this video, contributing editor David Rose,
author of North Korea's Dollar Store, describes
the rogue nation's criminal enterprise and
shares a video showing one of its agents in

Video (about 9 mins):


Prodigal Son
18th February 2013, 14:37
One of the 3 remaining countries without a Rothschild Central Bank, and this is what they're doing. In the meantime, the Red Shield banksters are repaying debt with gold-plated tungsten bars. Welcome to Planet Scam. We really do need the whole global system to collapse along with a purge of all the crooks.

18th February 2013, 18:52
It is always interesting to note that there is a body of evidence that connects the bush end of this world problem, directly to north Korea, via Pakistan - as a physical trail.

That apparently massive numbers of skids of US Federal reserve private bank 'dollars' where unloaded in Iraq, in order to pay off corporations and hired killer mercs ...in 'cash'.

That the cover story they came up with (remember reading about it in the alternative press?), was that Iran was using printing hardware to flood the market with counterfeit US reserve notes.

Now, it's North Korea. Same group, differently shaped lie. Don't forget that apparently, North Korea also makes the vast majority of the the world's 'E' (Ecstasy drug).

Of course, Columbia and associated nearby county situations have nothing to do with American corporate and black ops interests and controls...and no drugs come out of that region either, right?

I mean, no western corporations and black ops and governments are involved in Afghanistan and no drugs come out of Afghanistan to finance black ops or to control societies and groups, either...right? I mean, the energies of humanity might be best placed elsewhere.. if hidden interests where not secretly controlling the entire expression, and connection to the middle east, right?

Make a drug law, privatize the prisons, get free labour for military corporations. and payment for incarcerating people,and separate and polarize and control the society in the ensuing confusion generated. Complex acts of parasitism ..all acted out as a dance...at the same time. With..just enough separation in the situations... so that the common man does not see the overall connectedness. Congratulations, you've been compartmentalized into a state of being controlled. this falls directly into the desire in the self to relax and step away from pressures in areas that are difficult to decipher and are agitated.

Your own worst enemy - Your internal desire for the simplicity in life. You can have it back, when you solve the puzzle that was erected when you dropped your guard.

So, when you look at North Korea, look again. Casus Belli, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casus_belli) in the form of a complex involved scheme. That is what you are looking at. Just like Columbia, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on. And now, even the US itself is grandly indicated. This is what happens when you allow scheming psychotics to control the backdrop of human society. When you don't expand your awareness enough to realize their existence and methods.

20th February 2013, 00:53
Great post - the global drug trade is how the elite finance their "toys" and underground bases... amongst other things ;).

I for one, would like to know how Nth Korea suddenly made the jump to the technology they now purportedly claim to have?, ie miniaturised nuclear weapons. WHO gave it to them? (rhetorical question :))

20th February 2013, 15:18
Did they learn how to print fake money from the Fed?